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Dad and son


Fatherhood is a blessing. Being a dad is a gift. It comes with its rewards.


Our lives change when we become parents. Our kids lives become our motivation to get things done. Kids learn from us, just as we learn from them.


But that doesn’t mean fatherhood doesn’t come with its annoyances. With its disgusts.


Here’s a list of things you only know if you’re a dad.


7 Things You Only Know If You’re a Dad


1 – You don’t sleep as much as you want. – And you don’t get laid as much as you want. Kids run on their own time. Whether you like it or not. You can tell the kid to go to sleep, but if he doesn’t want to, he’s not going to. And there’s not much, besides fixing their sleeping habits, that you can do about it.


So get used to adjusting your sleep schedule to their sleep schedule. And get used to adjusting your sex life to their sleep schedule.


The best thing for this, Coffee. Coffee is your best friend.


2 – You can’t get mad. – Kids are like little drunks. You have to understand that. When he spills something, drops something, breaks something, you can’t really get mad. You have to come to that realization.


Your kids will see that, and they will forgive your mistakes.


3 – Your kids see your relationship with their mother. – Kids know! If you mistreat their mother, they know. If you divorce their mother, they know.


If you treat her like a queen, they know.


So don’t think your kid is too young or no one is watching. Kids always know what’s going on.


4 – You’re not as sensitive as you thought. – You’ll catch vomit with your bare hands and you wont even bat an eye. It came from your baby and you’ll do anything for them. You won’t even realize it.


5 – You’ll watch Toy Story multiple times. – All day if you must.


Things that were important before? Watching UFC all the time, football all the time, playing video games, everything. It will seem like a waste compared to the time you have with your kids.


6 – When your kid makes a mistake, one of you will always be the bad guy. – Try to be the good guy.


When potty training my son, his mother would always get mad when he had an ‘accident’. I would always try to be the ‘understanding’ one. I tried to stay calm. (See #2 above). I would say “He’s barely learning.” Kids notice.


My son loves me more. I know it’s not a competition.


Last but not least..


Big Daddy
Big Daddy


7 – Don’t tell your kid what to do. – Show them! This is the best way to get them to learn anything. Don’t just tell them, Show them!


If you don’t have kids, be ready.


Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree. Or things I missed.



See you next time



Quiet Vacaition


How often do you take a vacation to get away from the stresses of life or your job?


What if I told you that you could take a vacation everyday. Even several times a day.


Lets say you’re having a stressful day. Things are getting heavy, and it’s getting to be too much in your head.


Let me show you how to take a quiet vacation in 5 minutes or less


How to take a quiet vacation. Step by Step



Remove all distractions.


Turn off your phone.


Close your computer.


Be alone.


Keep a picture, of a vacation you have taken when you were happy, or a dream vacation spot. Put it somewhere you will go when your day is getting heavy. The visor of you car, a frame on your computer desk, a notebook, anywhere you will visit it often and it is visible.


Close your eyes.


Just Go There.


Imagine the sights.


See the sights.


Feel the sights.


Hear the sounds.


Smell the smells.


Feel how you would feel being there. (Or how you felt when you were there)


BREATH (The most important part)


Breathing deep stretches your muscles and helps you relax.


In this moment, don’t think about anything but where you are on your vacation.


Be there.


Be in the moment.


See… Smell… Hear… FEEL..


Take a deep breath.


Breathe In.


Breath Out.


Open Your Eyes.



Until Next Time



Do You Have a “Disease”?


Men Drinking


I was asked recently what my biggest flaw was.


I sat there thinking. Not because I don’t have flaws, but because I don’t know what my biggest one was.


I finally answered, “I drink!”


They asked “How does that affect you?”


Sometimes I don’t get work done because I’m out drinking. Sometimes when I drink too much I have trouble waking up in the morning.


I drink. Not often, but at least once a week.


I used to drink for no reason. That was never good. Always lead to emotional drinking and over drinking. I admit I knew it was a problem.


Then I made the choice to stop and just drink socially, or as a reward for accomplishing a goal. But never again in a non-happy situation.


I’m an alcoholic!


Not my words. But I have been called an alcoholic.


I don’t think I have a problem. But if I do, I’m a man! I can make the choice to stop.


So I took a step just to prove a point to myself.


I went to an alcoholics anonymous meeting a few weeks ago. I wanted to know if I really do have a problem.


I listened to people get up there and tell their stories.


But I did not tell mine.


I’ve been there. When i was young. Never as a MAN!


Is drinking my disease?


I heard a gentlemen say that drinking nearly destroyed his life.


He woke up one morning, looked around, and was laying on the floor outside of his home, with no recollection of how he got there.


He said after that day, he decided never to touch another drop of alcohol again. Been sober for 2 years.


2 Years and he still felt the need to attend alcoholics anonymous meeting for fear of relapse.


I heard a lot of them talking about taking things one day at a time.


That’s Bullshit!


You make a decision, and you take charge of your life.


You don’t need a higher power to help you.


You don’t need a sponsor.


The guy that had been sober for 2 years is weak! He’s not a man. He easily made the choice to stop! He can easily make the choice to never start again. But it seemed like he just needed that pain.


People need to stop drowning themselves in a sea of self pity to make themselves feel good, or important.


What you need is strength of mind, willpower, and character.


Alcoholism is NOT a disease. This applies to everything in life.


Addiction is NOT a disease. Laziness is NOT a disease. Being poor is NOT a disease. You name it, many problems that there are support groups for, are NOT diseases! They’re choices!




And people have turned it into a church. They worship the alter of self pity.


Self Pity
Losers feel sorry for themselves


I drink. But it’s not a disease!


I left that place with one thing on my mind. I’ve just seen what I don’t want to become.


Helpless, Impotent, and Weak.


A Loser!


Don’t be that person! Don’t be weak!


Be a man! You have to be determined to fight.


Just make the choice! And Do It!



See you next time

– Geo



Stress is one of the biggest health problems that can affect men. Not cancer or disease. Stress!


I asked 5 of my biggest influences and here’s what they had to say about what causes them stress and how they dealt with it.


6 Causes of Stress and how to beat them



Stress Cause Number 1: All your friends are married and having kids and you’re worried your with the wrong person.


How to beat it: You need the right person. If you don’t have anyone or even if you do, you need to ask yourself these questions about what you want in life.


First and foremost, do you like her? If you aren’t attracted to her, you’re wasting your time.


Do you get along well together?


Do you have the same likes and dislikes? Even if you don’t, you can have conversations about each others interests. So that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Does she respect you and what you do?


Does she respect your family and your friends?


Does she try to fix arguments instead of fight?


Does she share with you?


If you’re answering Yes to these questions, you have a keeper. If you answer No to any one of them, it’s time to let it go and move on. Find a new one or focus on yourself.


Sometimes you have to make a choice. My idol Victor Pride made the decision to make his business his life. Therefore he will never be married or have kids. That is a choice he made.


So make a choice.



Stress Cause Number 2: Your friends, family, or boss are hassling you to do anything they think you should do and you’re getting fed up with it.


How to beat it: Get away from it. I’m not saying run away. I’m not saying let that problem boil. Get away from it for a bit.


Go to the restroom. Wash your face. Just get yourself away from the situation completely.


If you’re angry, if you’re mad, you’re going to say stuff that you don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Don’t let that play out. Take a minute or 2, go back calmly, and figure out a way to fix the situation.



Stress Cause Number 3: You just lost a loved one. You don’t know how to deal with it. Trust me when I tell you this could make a Major impact in your life. It distracts you from work, pleasure, and everything else in your life if you’re just grieving all the time.


How to beat it: Don’t dwell on it all the time. Give yourself time for it. Everyday or every other day, give yourself 5 to 10 minutes to let go and just grieve about it. Preferably do it at a time after productivity and do something physical after. So maybe after you’re done working for the day, before you go to the gym.


If you work out after, your endorphins rise, and your mood will enhance. This will keep the memory of your loved one alive without being disrespectful or distracting, allowing you to always remember them.



Stress Cause Number 4: Other people’s well being is based on your success. Sometimes focusing on yourself means that you’re focusing on your family. On your wife and kids. On your parents. Brothers and sisters. Multiple people that depend on you.


How to beat it: Focus! Focus on the right now. Then focus on the future. When it gets stressful, just breathe. Breathe and be aware of the situation you’re in. Visualize what you need to do, and if you’re doing it. Don’t overthink it. Know that you’re doing the right thing.



Stress Cause Number 5: You’re not over the Ex.


How to beat it: Think of all the things that you liked about them and write them down. The ask yourself, is she the only girl with these qualities? If you answer NO, then you can move on.


This is a sort of To-do list of things to find in a new woman. Easy!



Stress Cause Number 6: Success is just around the corner. You KNOW success is just around the corner. If you can just get over this last hump.


How to beat it: Just do it! Don’t overthink it. Be aggressive. You know what you have to do. Don’t try to make it perfect. Just do it.



Beat these causes of stress. Live a stress-free life and be on your way to a better one.



See you next time




6 Things a Man Shouldn't Be Ashamed of


Do you avoid things because you’re scared of being called a p*ssy of a b*tch?


Who the hell cares?


There are things a man shouldn’t be ashamed of regardless of what people think.


6 Things a Man Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

  • 1. Let Her Drive – You’re both equals in the relationship. It also shows commitment.


  • 2. Old Movies – Old movies are the best. Citizen Kane anyone? Don’t be afraid to drop some knowledge using the old and obscure references. The people that understand them are the people you want as friends.


  • 3. Superhero Movies – The Marvel Cinematic Universe is everywhere these days with movies coming out every year. Don’t think of it as a nerd or geeks pastime. Plus you could relate and conversate with the younger generation. You could even educate them on the comics or cartoons of your young year.


  • 4. Tea – The real kind. Men have been drinking tea forever. It doesn’t amp you up like coffee does and it’s good.


  • 5. Video Games – Relive your childhood. Not my favorite pastime but every now and then I like my interactive entertainment. Board games are even better if you have someone to play with.


  • 6. Staying in on Friday and Saturday Nights – There was a time when it was socially important to go out n Fridays and Saturdays. As you grow up, you see the silliness of it. I’m not saying don’t go out, but don’t make it a ‘have to.’ Plus, that’s when places are usually packed and the price of drinks is usually higher. I prefer going out on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. It’s not as packed and weekdays have happy hours.



Until Next Time




3 Reasons to Dress Better Connor



Got a little money to spend? Why don’t you invest it? I’m not talking about a savings account or playing the stock market.


I’m talking about investing in yourself. In the way you look. Specifically, the way you dress.


Whether you believe it or not, this investment will probably pay you more in your life than other investments.


Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor


The top 3 Reasons to dress better


Confidence: When you look good, you are more confident. This will improve your life drastically. You will be more confident in your work causing you to earn more money.


Interaction: People usually judge a book by it’s cover. So if you look good, you will have better interactions with your friends and family. Even that girl at the bar. But more importantly, you will have better interactions with your clients at work. So you will earn more money.


Money: As you probably caught on, improving your wardrobe can make you earn more money. You look good. So you will feel good. You will do everything better. In work and life. If you look good you feel like you can take on the world. Because you can.


Once you invest in yourself, the world will invest in you.



Until Next Time




BJ Penn
BJ Penn

We are getting older. And not everyone is blessed with a great head of hair. I see athletes like BJ Penn (above) and Eddie Alvarez (below) in their early and mid 30’s and they are already bald. Most likely not by choice. Then I see the guy in his early to late 20’s with his hair thinning at that young of an age.


Eddie Alvarez
Eddie Alvarez


Then I looked in the mirror!


I was unhappy with what I saw. My father in his early 50’s still has his head full of hair. And here I am, about to turn 30, with my hair noticeably thinning.


In my research I found that hair loss can be caused by a number of factors. The top 3 being genetics, stress, and diet. So I looked for solutions and remedies on how to keep my hair and get it back.


How to Keep Your Hair Or Get It Back


The 2 best “drugs” that I tried and the results.


Procerin – Formerly Propecia. This was the first good one I found. I took it for 2 months and it seemed to make my hair stopped falling out. The problem wasn’t so much that my hair was thinning but I would always manage to pull out some hairs doing something as simple as brushing it, causing my hair to look incredibly thin. Especially in the front. You could see my scalp. After taking Procerin for 2 months, I noticed that my hair wasn’t coming off anymore. But that was the only good news. It didn’t make my hair grow back.


There are some side effect warnings but I did not experience any side effects.


Buy Procerin Here




Minoxidil – This was the 2nd substance I used. I’m not quite sure how it works or what it does, but I was a little worried since the recommended dosage was more than Procerin. And it was twice a day. My worries were alleviated when I read some reviews. Very low chances of side effects. Worst that can happen? It doesn’t work.


Well after being on Minoxidil for 3 months, all I can say is WOW. This stuff worked. At least for me. Not only did my hair grow back but I think it’s actually thicker.


I’m still taking it but once the new year is in I’m going to stop and see where the results go. Hopefully I don’t have to continue taking it but I will definitely use it again if I must. I will post results 2 months after I stop.



Buy Minoxidil Here



Warning: I am not a doctor. Do your research before trying any of these or consult your doctor. This worked for me.


If you’ve tried something that works, let me know in the comments below.



Until Next Time




Electronics I cant Live Without


Let’s face it! Electronics rule our lives! Everywhere you go, people are on their phones or tablets. Even at home. They have become part of our everyday lives and now we can’t imagine life without them.


5 Electronics I Can’t Live Without




Phone – Specifically, my Iphone. It’s simple to operate and lets me stay connected with my email, contacts, and social media at the press of a button. Apple has it figured out. Iphones rarely, if ever, act up or break down. Just make sure you have a case. This also eliminated the need for an ipod, as all the music is on my phone, and a digital camera, although it’s good to have one for better quality pictures. But for the quick snap, the iphone does an ok job.



LG Tone Infinim
LG Tone Infinim


Bluetooth Headset – I’m a big fan of the LG tone series headsets. I’ve owned all of them since the original. They are not exactly noise cancelling but they have a great sound quality. Right now my 2 go-to’s are the LG Tone Active for the gym, and the LG Tone Infinim for everything else. I have them around my neck all the time that sometimes I forget its there. Another benefit is that they can be concealed well under the collar of your shirt, so it works with any style. It is great for phone calls and music.


Get the LG Tone Active Here and the LG Tone Infinim Here



Ipad and Macbook
Ipad and Macbook


Laptop and Tablet – I have a Macbook and an Ipad I use these interchangeably. Mainly for work. I do all my marketing for my cleaning business online. I also manage my niche sites online. At home and at the office I use the macbook. On the road or on the field I use the ipad. It eliminates the need for paperwork and they sync to each other. I also have another tablet, a Barnes and Noble Nook that I use for reading and entertainment.


Last but not least…


Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker
Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker


Coffee Maker – I drink a lot of coffee. So I need a good coffee maker. I currently use the Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker. I make my coffee in the morning and it keeps it warm throughout the day. 1 full pot gives me 10 servings. When I travel, I don’t take it. So I use the next best thing, even though it’s not electronic, a Melitta pour over coffee cone. I love making my coffee using the drip method.


Get the Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker Here. Get The Melitta Coffee Cone Here.



What are you go to electronics that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below.



Until Next Time




Happy New Years
Happy New Years



New years is upon us. 2016 is ending and 2017 is beginning. What do you want to accomplish this year. Play hooky from work more often? Be a better father? A better son? Drink less? Drink more? Let me share some things I’m doing that you may want to think about doing.



Geo’s New Years Resolutions for 2017


Go hands free while driving: There’s always something to be done or read online. A big bad habit is checking the phone while driving. Put the thing away in the glove compartment or center console while driving. Wear a bluetooth for when receiving calls.



Stop reminiscing: Everything good that has happened to you has happened at the right time. But you are living in the NOW. So stop looking back or thinking about the ‘good old days’ or ‘the best time of your life’. Guess what? You are here. Stop looking back and move forward. Live in the moment and make some memories.



Grow Up: By that I mean stop abbreviating and using emojis when texting or emailing. Leave that to the kids.



Drink like a Gentleman: Cut down on the beer. In fact, ditch the beer. Save the calories. Save the money. Grab a bottle of a many drink. (whiskey, scotch, etc.) If you must drink, pour yourself a glass on rocks and gradually sip on it. Preferably while doing something productive.



Say Sir: You are a man. Not a college kid or a high school kid. Stop calling your friends ‘dude’ or ‘bro’.



Be more positive: find something to compliment every time you meet someone or when you see a friend or family member. It feels a lot better than complaining or criticizing something and they will remember it.



Leave earlier to get there on time: It’s southern California, theres always traffic. Plan and make arrangements to arrive on time everywhere you go. That means 15 minutes early. Got an appointment at 8? Make sure you are there by 7:45



If you’re not working or being productive, go to sleep earlier: Nothing good happens after 11pm. Go to sleep and start the day strong tomorrow. The earlier the better. This should make waking up at 5am everyday a lot easier.



Until Next Time



Christmas Tree


The holidays are here! But they are here multiple times a year when Geo’s involved. Here is Geo’s Shopping Guide 2016: What to get your peers this time of year.



Your Best Friend:


Beer! Tip: Do some research! Introduce your friend to a new beer. (Your new favorite beer.) It always keeps your best friend as your best friend. Drink it with them. It will go from laughing, to singing, to talking about how you should have gone pro, to one of you throwing up and taking care of the other.



Your Boss:


Send them a note saying you are having a well dug in a third world country in their name. The catch? Don’t actually do it. They will think your weird but they will never suspect that you want their job.



Ex Girlfriend:


Send a note that says “Thank you for your absence. I continue to smile!” Be sure to send a picture of you smiling. Maybe with your new girl.


If this is a girl that you still want to bang, don’t send a picture. Send a pack of different flavor condoms with a note that says “Your choice!”.



Secret Santa at Work:


You know all those gifts you get from family or friends that you don’t want? The ones that most likely end up in your closet or in storage?.. Well, here’s the chance to pay it forward. Give your co-worker that gummy worm – filled animal head you don’t want.



Holidays 2016


Good Luck



Until Next Time