The Best Tea to Drink

The Best Tea to Drink



It’s no secret that tea is one of the best drinks on the planet. Lots of health benefits and hardly any calories. But tea is often associated with women. So when a man drinks tea, he is refereed to as feminine or a punk.


Who cares what people think. Drink Tea!


The Best Tea To Drink


Chamomile – It tastes good and studies show that it helps you fall asleep.


Green Tea – This is the most popular tea among health nuts. And for good reason. Studies show that it’s packed with antioxidants. This can improve brain function and make you smarter and reduce risks of various cancers. But the main reason people love it, It helps burn fat, promotes weight loss, and help your physical performance. There are many people that swear by it. And I’m one of them.


It’s always best to make your tea at home. Obviously tea bags and hot water. However, you’re pinched for time, the best alternative I can recommend it Arizona Green Tea Zero available at most grocery stores.


Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea
Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea



Watch the sweeteners and sugar. Try to limit these. If possible, don’t use any at all. You don’t want to ruin the health benefits. Tea tastes good by itself.



Remember: Tea is only tea if it just tea.



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