Geo’s New Years Resolutions 2017

Happy New Years
Happy New Years



New years is upon us. 2016 is ending and 2017 is beginning. What do you want to accomplish this year. Play hooky from work more often? Be a better father? A better son? Drink less? Drink more? Let me share some things I’m doing that you may want to think about doing.



Geo’s New Years Resolutions for 2017


Go hands free while driving: There’s always something to be done or read online. A big bad habit is checking the phone while driving. Put the thing away in the glove compartment or center console while driving. Wear a bluetooth for when receiving calls.



Stop reminiscing: Everything good that has happened to you has happened at the right time. But you are living in the NOW. So stop looking back or thinking about the ‘good old days’ or ‘the best time of your life’. Guess what? You are here. Stop looking back and move forward. Live in the moment and make some memories.



Grow Up: By that I mean stop abbreviating and using emojis when texting or emailing. Leave that to the kids.



Drink like a Gentleman: Cut down on the beer. In fact, ditch the beer. Save the calories. Save the money. Grab a bottle of a many drink. (whiskey, scotch, etc.) If you must drink, pour yourself a glass on rocks and gradually sip on it. Preferably while doing something productive.



Say Sir: You are a man. Not a college kid or a high school kid. Stop calling your friends ‘dude’ or ‘bro’.



Be more positive: find something to compliment every time you meet someone or when you see a friend or family member. It feels a lot better than complaining or criticizing something and they will remember it.



Leave earlier to get there on time: It’s southern California, theres always traffic. Plan and make arrangements to arrive on time everywhere you go. That means 15 minutes early. Got an appointment at 8? Make sure you are there by 7:45



If you’re not working or being productive, go to sleep earlier: Nothing good happens after 11pm. Go to sleep and start the day strong tomorrow. The earlier the better. This should make waking up at 5am everyday a lot easier.



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