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What's In An Energy Drink?


I used to drink a ton of energy drinks. So much to the point that I have become immune to their so called effects. I went from drinking them for the energy boost, to drinking them for the flavor. I love the taste of blue Monster and white Rockstar. There’s a reason energy drinks are so popular.



But have you ever read the labels. Ever wonder what’s in them and what the ingredients are supposed to do?



What’s In An Energy Drink?

5 Ingredients Found in The Most Common Energy Drinks


  1. Caffeine – This one is obvious. Every energy drink from coffee, to tea, to canned beverages has caffeine. It stimulates your central nervous system and boosts brain activity. It is safe in reasonable quantities. But too much can cause headaches. If you don’t drink caffeine regularly, stick to just 1 caffeinated drink per day,
  2. Glucose – Glucose is a sugar. Your body and brain runs smoothly on glucose. But there’s ways of doing it. Natural glucose from fruits and natural juices is the best. Too much artificial glucose like the kind in soft drinks and energy drinks is not healthy. Most energy drinks have too much. Stick to the low carb versions if you must indulge. Better yet, if you feel a little brain fog, drink a glass of natural fruit juice.
  3. Ginseng – This is a very healthy plant extract. That is why you see it in any bottled ‘healthy’ drinks such as green tea. It doesn’t necessarily boost your energy as much as improves your brain function. There’s hardly any way of getting too much ginseng since most energy drinks have a minimal amount.
  4. Taurine – This is an amino acid in the brain. My research showed that scientists still aren’t sure if it works or not. Scientists say it doesn’t pass through the membranes that protect the brain, so it’s effects are minimal, if at all. So this most likely does nothing as far as boosting energy.



I am not a doctor. And these are the most common ingredients I looked up. Do your research before putting things in your body.



My advice. Stick to black coffee. Better yet, Bulletproof coffee!



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6 Things a Man Shouldn't Be Ashamed of


Do you avoid things because you’re scared of being called a p*ssy of a b*tch?


Who the hell cares?


There are things a man shouldn’t be ashamed of regardless of what people think.


6 Things a Man Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

  • 1. Let Her Drive – You’re both equals in the relationship. It also shows commitment.


  • 2. Old Movies – Old movies are the best. Citizen Kane anyone? Don’t be afraid to drop some knowledge using the old and obscure references. The people that understand them are the people you want as friends.


  • 3. Superhero Movies – The Marvel Cinematic Universe is everywhere these days with movies coming out every year. Don’t think of it as a nerd or geeks pastime. Plus you could relate and conversate with the younger generation. You could even educate them on the comics or cartoons of your young year.


  • 4. Tea – The real kind. Men have been drinking tea forever. It doesn’t amp you up like coffee does and it’s good.


  • 5. Video Games – Relive your childhood. Not my favorite pastime but every now and then I like my interactive entertainment. Board games are even better if you have someone to play with.


  • 6. Staying in on Friday and Saturday Nights – There was a time when it was socially important to go out n Fridays and Saturdays. As you grow up, you see the silliness of it. I’m not saying don’t go out, but don’t make it a ‘have to.’ Plus, that’s when places are usually packed and the price of drinks is usually higher. I prefer going out on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. It’s not as packed and weekdays have happy hours.



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How to Start Growing Your Money


We were all young once. Most likely irresponsible with the money in our wallet. It’s never too late to turn that around.


There are many ways to save money, get out of debt, and build wealth.


Let me show you 4 easy ways to start growing your money


Open a savings account – Separate some money every week or month to deposit and do not touch it. A good number is 10% of your earnings. Then watch your money grow.



Get out of debt – Separate a portion of your income to getting out of debt. Credit cards, loans, etc. I recommend 20% of you income. Why is this more than what you are saving? The sooner you get out of debt, the more you can save or spend. Plus you’ll avoid the interest rate, which will shrink your money instead or growing it.


Keep a budget book – Budget book, budget journal, whatever you want to call it. Just make sure you keep track of what you spend on what. You will be shocked on what you spend on unnecessary things like snacks or drinks. You will eventually break a few bad habits.


Have Goals and Rewards. – Like any goal, once you reach it, reward yourself. Take a vacation. Find out how much it will cost. You will be more likely to save that amount having that goal.


Now go get rich!!



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4 Ways to Meet Women


Meeting women is easy. Whether or not that leads to dates or anything more is entirely up to you. But the more women you meet, the more options you give yourself, and the more your chances increase. Here are 4 surefire ways to meet women.



4 Ways to Meet Women



10 random women – Start a conversation with at least 10 random women every day. Chances are you will get many rejections, but soon, that wont even phase you. It will give you the chance to practice your icebreakers and conversation starters. Soon you will know what works and what doesn’t.



Pretend You Know Her – This will change your mentality and your approach. Approach her like you would a friend. Keep it casual and she won’t see you as a creeper just trying to get in her pants.



Go out for lunch – Women like to eat lunch outdoors. So get away from home, the office, or workplace and go out for lunch. Nice restaurants with outdoor seating are you best bet.



Don’t ask too many questions – You don’t want to put her on the defensive. You’re a stranger, so if you ask a lot of questions she will feel like you’re intruding. Instead, share with her things about yourself and let her ask the questions.



Now get out there and start meeting women!



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5 Ways Life Gets In The Way of Workouts


You want to workout. You have a goal. But sometimes life gets in the way. Anything can keep you from going to the gym. But there’s always solutions.




5 Ways Life Gets In The Way of Workouts

And what to do about it.


One: You get injured – This is a big one. An injury can keep you from the gym for a while. But you have to get past it. Work on what you can and set a goal. Set a goal to be achieve by a certain date. The ability to run 5 miles non stop, do 100 pushups, do 50 pullups, you name it. Set a goal and a time. 6 months? A year? Set it and Achieve it.



Two: You got a new job – This is easy. Find the buff guy. The athlete. The gym rat. Find the person that works out. Make friends with them, and join them. Having a gym buddy will encourage you to work out and make you accountable.



Three: New girlfriendShe will take up a lot of your time. Why not take that time with her by being active. Not necessarily going to the gym. Go hiking with her. Go on bike rides. Play a sport. Just be active.



Four: You Move – As soon as you arrive at your new home, find and join the nearest gym. If you make it your first priority, you will be subconsciously committed to going.



Five: You have a baby – There’s no excuse. Of course kids will take up a lot of time. But they don’t take all your time. Work out less. 30 minutes instead of an hour. But make it more intense. Sprints instead of jogging. Supersets with minimal resting time instead of regular sets. High intensity workouts. Short but intense.



You have no excuse to miss workouts.



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3 People to Win Over to Get The Girl


You and her! That’s all that should matter in a relationship. But the people in her life will be in her ear. They will tell her if you’re a good guy or not. And whether you like it or not, she will listen.



Here’s the 3 people you need to win over, and how to do it.



Her Father – All fathers think no man will ever be good enough for their daughters. They think that no man besides them will ever be able to take care of them. This is an easy win for you. First of all, don’t talk about how much money you make. Instead, ask his advice on finances, savings accounts, retirement funds, investment opportunities, things of that nature. It will impress him as well as making him see that you are financially responsible. Something he wants for his daughter.



Her Mother – Mothers are always scared that you’re going to take their little girl away from them. Ask her about her relationship with her husband. How long they’ve been married. How they celebrate anniversaries. It will show that you’re not just interested in a short time hookup, but rather a committed relationship with her daughter.



Her Best Friend – She’s just trying to protect her friend. And in her mind, you’re just like every other guy. Be her friend. But be honest about it. Ask for her opinions. Ask her what you could do to be a good fit for your girl. She will see that you mean the best for her friend and will think positive as she is giving you positive advice.



If you want to win over the girl, you must win her parents and her friend.



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3 Healthy alternatives to ketchup and mustard


Condiments can make or break the food you eat. They can make an unbearable meal perfect. Or they can ruin a perfect meal. If you are a foody, chances are you like ketchup and mustard.


I’m a hot sauce type of guy.


Here are 3 healthy alternatives to ketchup and mustard for people who like Hot Sauce.



As will all condiments, be sure to keep your serving sizes to a minimum. Just enough to add flavor to your food. But do not drown your food in it.


Sriracha Sauce
Sriracha Sauce


Sriracha: Sriracha goes great with almost everything. Not only is it delicious but it also has a few health benefits. Capsaicin, a key ingredient, has been known to help with headaches, inflammation, and cancer growth, help improve metabolism, and weight loss.



Frank's Red Hot
Frank’s Red Hot


Franks Red Hot: Franks Red Hot is another delicious hot sauce that you can add if your healthy food, such as brown rice, begins to get little bland. You must be careful with this one though as the sodium content is a little on the high side, so I recommend it mostly during bulking or on a carb day. Studies show that eating hot sauce or peppers will boost your endorphins. So if your ‘diet’ is ruining your mood, add some red hot and you will feel happier because this will enhance your serotonin levels, which help improve mood and memory.



Tabasco Sauce
Tabasco Sauce


Tabasco Sauce: Tabasco sauce will go good with many things, mainly pizza. The great thing about this sauce is that it doesn’t contain any calories and has zero grams of fat, so it is great for healthy eating. It has a unique and intense flavor, making it one of my primary go-to sauces.



While these 3 sauces are great, keep in mind your serving sizes. Though they will add flavor, don’t add so much that the sodium content will get too high, causing your body to retain more water.






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Douglas Merrill
Douglas Merrill


Having a to-do list is important. I first became interested in to do lists when I read a bio on Douglas Merrill.


A simple google search on to-do lists will give you many results but you will find that these 5 tips from Douglas Merrill are the most common.


5 Ways to Make a To Do List I Learned From Douglas Merrill


Tip 1: Write it Down – Writing it down makes it more likely to get done. People forget. Paper remembers.


Tip 2: Be Specific – Don’t be vague. Be as specific as you can and make sure it’s attainable. Not just a simple “Make a lot of money.” Also not “Make $100,000 in 3 months.” Be reasonable and realistic.


Tip 3: Date It – If you don’t have an end date, you will push it back further and further. Make it a goal to achieve by a certain date.


Tip 4: Make It GoodDon’t be negative about it. Instead of saying “Don’t eat this or that.” Instead say “My reward will be a Bacon Cheeseburger on Saturday if I stick to my eating plan all week.”


Tip 5: Keep it Simple – Keep goals for different areas of life, such as my SWIFT action board. Then learn to balance those goals and prioritize.



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3 Reasons to Dress Better Connor



Got a little money to spend? Why don’t you invest it? I’m not talking about a savings account or playing the stock market.


I’m talking about investing in yourself. In the way you look. Specifically, the way you dress.


Whether you believe it or not, this investment will probably pay you more in your life than other investments.


Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor


The top 3 Reasons to dress better


Confidence: When you look good, you are more confident. This will improve your life drastically. You will be more confident in your work causing you to earn more money.


Interaction: People usually judge a book by it’s cover. So if you look good, you will have better interactions with your friends and family. Even that girl at the bar. But more importantly, you will have better interactions with your clients at work. So you will earn more money.


Money: As you probably caught on, improving your wardrobe can make you earn more money. You look good. So you will feel good. You will do everything better. In work and life. If you look good you feel like you can take on the world. Because you can.


Once you invest in yourself, the world will invest in you.



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BJ Penn
BJ Penn

We are getting older. And not everyone is blessed with a great head of hair. I see athletes like BJ Penn (above) and Eddie Alvarez (below) in their early and mid 30’s and they are already bald. Most likely not by choice. Then I see the guy in his early to late 20’s with his hair thinning at that young of an age.


Eddie Alvarez
Eddie Alvarez


Then I looked in the mirror!


I was unhappy with what I saw. My father in his early 50’s still has his head full of hair. And here I am, about to turn 30, with my hair noticeably thinning.


In my research I found that hair loss can be caused by a number of factors. The top 3 being genetics, stress, and diet. So I looked for solutions and remedies on how to keep my hair and get it back.


How to Keep Your Hair Or Get It Back


The 2 best “drugs” that I tried and the results.


Procerin – Formerly Propecia. This was the first good one I found. I took it for 2 months and it seemed to make my hair stopped falling out. The problem wasn’t so much that my hair was thinning but I would always manage to pull out some hairs doing something as simple as brushing it, causing my hair to look incredibly thin. Especially in the front. You could see my scalp. After taking Procerin for 2 months, I noticed that my hair wasn’t coming off anymore. But that was the only good news. It didn’t make my hair grow back.


There are some side effect warnings but I did not experience any side effects.


Buy Procerin Here




Minoxidil – This was the 2nd substance I used. I’m not quite sure how it works or what it does, but I was a little worried since the recommended dosage was more than Procerin. And it was twice a day. My worries were alleviated when I read some reviews. Very low chances of side effects. Worst that can happen? It doesn’t work.


Well after being on Minoxidil for 3 months, all I can say is WOW. This stuff worked. At least for me. Not only did my hair grow back but I think it’s actually thicker.


I’m still taking it but once the new year is in I’m going to stop and see where the results go. Hopefully I don’t have to continue taking it but I will definitely use it again if I must. I will post results 2 months after I stop.



Buy Minoxidil Here



Warning: I am not a doctor. Do your research before trying any of these or consult your doctor. This worked for me.


If you’ve tried something that works, let me know in the comments below.



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