How to Pick Up Girls on Guys Night

How to Pick Up Girls On Guys Night


Want to look more attractive and pick up more girls when you’re out with the guys?


Well for one, stop buying girls cheap drinks. Or expensive drinks for that matter. The best thing to do is get together with the guys and split a bottle of liquor. Preferably Vodka.


The secret: Stay and at the bar. Don’t take the bottle to a table. Trust me. Taking the bottle to a table is like taking it home. You practically seclude yourself on an island with your boys and it cuts you off from all the women. No, instead stay at the bar where you know they will be going back and forth to. That way if you see a girl or group of girls you want to talk to, you can invite them to join you.


This way, instead of being the creeper trying to buy her a drink (which she will most likely be defensive), you will come off as the host to a party. It’s a win-win. You get the girl interested, and you save money.


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