How to Get In the Club


How to Get in the Club


Have you ever tried to get into the hot club only to be rejected by the bouncer? Then you have to go wait in line hoping you can get in. Fear not, here are 8 useful tips for getting in good with the doorman and finally getting in the club.


Step 1: First Time

If it’s your first time going to said club, get there as early as you can; preferably before the place gets packed. If possible, bring at least 1 hot girl. More than 1 and you have a better shot at getting in on your first try.


Step 2. Bring a Regular

Don’t know the spot? Bring someone who does. Bringing someone who has a reputation at the club ill make it easier the next time you go alone


Step 3. Look the Part

As with business, you have to dress for success. Make sure you feel like you fit I when you get to the door. If you have a problem matching, wear all black. Dress pants, button up shirt, dress shoes. You cant go wrong.


Step 4. Look Important

Walk up to the door as if you are supposed to be there. Look the doorman in his eyes as id you expect him to let you in. As with women, doormen can smell fear. Look nervous? He knows you’re not supposed to be there.


Step 5. Watch the attitude

If you don’t think you’ll make it, wait in line patiently. Don’t be rude. Intimidation will usually not work on doormen or bouncers.


Step 6. Don’t Drop Names

Don’t pretend you’re on a first name basis with doormen you don’t know. If you try and it comes off mediocre, that is a giant warning sign for them. Its worse than not knowing anyone.


Step 7. Spend some money

If you don’t have connects, offer to buy a table. Sure it’s expensive but it gets you in the door. Whatever you do, don’t try to buy off the doorman. It’s insulting to them and won’t get you into the nicest clubs.


Step 8. Try once more

If you don’t get in the first time, try again. But be classy about it. Come back after a few days. They will probably recognize you. If they like you they might let you in. If you fail a second time, fuck it! It’s only one club in a million.



See you next time.

Geo Out!