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Friends With Benefits


Friends with benefits are nothing new. In fact, the number of people who have sex buddies is higher today than it has ever been.


It’s not a bad thing to have a FWB. Why shouldn’t you. You get to have sex with someone you like and trust, without all having to put up with all the bullshit drama that comes with a relationship. It works out great if you both agree and can handle it.


They’ve made several movies on the subject such as Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached. However, despite these movies having Hollywood happy endings, the reality is that having a fuck buddy can potentially end in disaster. Especially if the friend is also a co-worker.


After all, its kind of hard for 2 friends, who like each other enough to have sex, to eventually get confused about the relationship or having one or the other (usually her) develop feelings.


It’s tough to pull off. But if you have to try it, here are the 5 most important rules too finding and keeping a friend with benefits, and 1 warning.



1: Choose wisely

When choosing among your friends, stay away from someone who you think hasn’t been laid in a while, or someone who’s been single for a long time. Chances are they will end up expecting something more serious. Instead, aim for someone fresh out of a relationship. They are used to having sex often and will most likely not want to deal with the bullshit of a relationship. Many times a fuck buddy is a long time best friend (usually because there’s no doubt you have talked about sex before during the friendship) . And while that may seem awkward at first, they realize they know each other better than they thought.



2: Don’t Brag

No one wants to find out that one of their friends is fucking another one of their friends. That’s sort of like finding out your brother slept with your sister. Keeping it a secret is part of the fun.


Sometimes you can both be hanging out with the same group of friends, knowing both of you will be getting down and dirty later that night, while everyone else is clueless. There’s something exhilarating about the situation. If you go blabbing, you will ruin it.



3: Don’t Be Romantic During Sex

If you have a friend with benefits, remember its just the benefits. In other words, sex. Keep it dirty. Have the kind of dirty sex you want to have because you both trust each other. Don’t ruin it with “making love.” Just Fuck. That means dirty sex. No candles! No lavender! No massage oil!



4: Don’t Be Romantic Post Sex

In order for a sex buddy to remain a sex buddy, you have to be a bit rude. Forget what the movies tell you about how to treat someone after you screw them.


Keep it fun! Not intimate!


That means no cuddling, no laying in bed talking, no spooning. Leave no opportunity for ‘feelings’. In fact, the best thing you could do right after sex is get up and leave.


If you stay and do any of the above, your FWB will start to see you as a potential relationship, therefore blurring the lines.



5: Don’t hand out too much

There’s a fine line between a fuck buddy, and a a regular friend. If you hang out too much while also screwing around you are entering “dating territory.” You can’t be hanging out too often, especially during the day. If you start running errands with them you will start to confuse the situation. Are you dating or just fucking?

In fact, you shouldn’t even be screwing too often. If you start calling just for sex too often it turns into something weird. What’s the difference between a relationship and hanging out with a friend who you constantly have sex with? What’s the point?


So just limit the time you spend together.



WARNING: Say goodbye to a friend

Sex changes every relationship. So if it’s a friend you don’t want to lose, my advice is don’t even risk it. Sure having a friend with benefits can be fun, but if things end badly (as they usually do), then you will lose more than just a fuck buddy; You will lose a friend.


You both have to enter it knowing the potential disaster.


Keep these things in mind when entering a Friends With Benefits situation.



See you next time




Work Smarter


Got office work? It can be very easy to get distracted. Especially if you work from home on the computer or if you work alone. Here are 4 easy tips to make your office life or home office life easier and more productive.


1: Stop the Gossip

When a co-worker is trying to talk to you about their night out on the town, it isn’t helping you get your work done. Other people, either at work or social media, will consume your time if you let them.


The Solution? Tune out the distractions. Keep the social media off while working. Only open business emails. Wear ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones if you work from home or if permitted at your job. If someone tries to approach you, replace open ended answers such as “How are you doing?” (which leave them open to conversation), with a quick “What can I do for you?” It may seem a little rude, but you will get more work done than everyone else. If you work for yourself, this is the only way to go.


My business is in the service industry, carpet cleaning, commercial lot cleanings, painting, and other service areas. But I also have office work when it comes to marketing, creating marketing material, meeting setups, emails, client databases, etc. All stuff that I don’t necessarily get paid for. But I have to do it. So I get it done quick without distractions and that leaves time for other ventures and family time.



2: K.I.S.S

Im a big believer in the philosophy of Keep It Simple Stupid! It’s always good to have a to do list, but some people make their to do lists overcomplicated or try to do too many things at once. Trying to do too many things or having many windows open on your computer will only frustrate you and slow you down.


Take a few minutes to organize yourself and separate what has to be done today – schedule meetings, write your material, finish a report, etc.. – from your list of things that can wait. You should only have a few items that take priority on you list on any given day.


In a future post I will show you my custom to do list which I use to prioritize different aspects of my life on a weekly basis.



3: Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

Sometimes you have so much to do that you just can’t do it by yourself. And it seems like everyone these days is outsourcing work to places like China and India. So why not follow suit and pay someone in another continent $5 an hour to do the work for you. I personally use and to take care of some of my busywork such as organizing databases and some graphic design for marketing material. You can also have a virtual assistant, which I have yet to try.


Basically anything that can be done by computer or by phone can be outsourced.



4: Short and Simple

Responding to a business text or email shouldn’t take more than a minute or 2. If it’s a receipt, send it asap, but keep the message brief. “Thank you for your business” says it all. With potential, just set up a meeting time and place. Just keep the email messages and phone messages short and simple. Soon, people will get the hint and will also respond with similarly short messages. If you have and email autoresponder, you can set that up explaining to contacts that you will only be checking emails at a certain time. Same goes for voicemail. People will rethink the reasons they are emailing and calling.


There you have it. Keep your office life simple and you will get more done in a shorter amount of time.



See you next time





If you’ve ever had a retail job, or any type of job in which you have many co-workers with lots of interaction between each other, then no doubt you’ve heard the “guess who slept with who” rumors. Well they may not be rumors. In fact, office flings are easier and more common than ever. 50% of business professionals admit to participating in a workplace romance. That’s up from 47% in 2007. So as you can see, office flings are very much still alive.


More women are working these days, unlike 50 years ago. And since there are longer workdays and later marriages, workplaces and offices these days are filled with young ambitious single, and not-so-single, hot women. It’s still a modern offline dating pool, which has lead to different types of office affairs.


Some great, some deadly. If you haven’t had one yet, here are 3 types of office affairs i recommend, and 1 to stay away from!.


4 Types of Office Affairs


1: The Late Night Hookup

It’s easy to sleep with a co-worker. It’s harder to face them in the morning or at work. If things work out, you both act like nothing happened. You see each other at work giving little glances knowing you got away with something. But when one of you think it was a mistake, that’s when it gets awkward. It can lead to years of trying to avoid each other in the halls or in the lunchroom. So if you know it’s a fling and you know it’s just sex, leave it at that. Just sex.



2: The Work Wife/ Husband

Sometimes an office “fling” doesn’t have to involve sex. Having a work wife or husband doesn’t mean you are married. But as far as everyone else is concerned, there’s something going on. You have daily lunches, “meetings” behind closed doors to gossip, back and forth texts followed by little chuckles, you name it. During work hours you are closer to each other than ever your actual spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.



There’s an upside to having a work spouse. You guys have work stuff in common. You both understand each other when it comes to the stresses of the workplace. It is natural that you develop a bond after months, maybe years of working together. You may have no desire to sleep with this person nor should you. I have to warn you, sex will change everything. You work great together because you’re very close, and it’s fun to flirt. But if you turn it into an affair or a fling, that will bring unavoidable drama.


3: The Not-So Secret

More than half of office romancers try to keep their fling a secret. They will use tricks like leaving for lunch a couple minutes after one another, splitting up a couple blocks away from work, leaving work events separately, interacting infrequently while working, you name it. But guess what, they’re not fooling anyone.


I was dating a girl in secret while working in an electronic store. When we finally came out to our co-workers 2 months later, we were greeted with a “Uh, we know


It really makes no sense to keep it a “secret” if everyone knows. But there’s something sexy about hiding a relationship. When you can sneak in that kiss or hug or small grope of each other, it’s exhilarating. The risk of being “found out” is both terrifying and exciting.



4: The Boss

Warning! Enter at Your Own Risk! This is a big no-no. I have seen first hand what happens when a boss-worker affair doesn’t work out. Sometimes the subordinate gets “special treatment” such as a promotion, and other co workers will see it as favoritism. If they get suspended or fired, the criticism automatically falls on the boss.


It may sound sexy to fuck the boss, especially to young guys in they’re 20’s. But it is very, very rare that it ends good.


One of my male co-workers when I was selling insurance slept with our female manager at the time after a night out with the office staff. It happened on more than one occasion. He boasted about it to me and our other male co workers. Well it turns out the manager was expecting more and it turned ugly when his girlfriend showed up to bring him lunch one day. From that point on the manager would give him extra work, was rude to him, and try to belittle him in public until he was forced to quit a few weeks later. If she wasn’t the boss, it would’ve still been ugly and awkward but not the way it happened, and he may have kept his job.


Office affairs don’t always necessarily end bad. In fact, more than half of my friends ended up marrying a coworker. The other half usually a high school sweetheart.


Should you date a co-worker?


Yes! I recommend it. Why not? I’ve dated a few co-workers. Some ended badly, some ended good. One never got started but i know it would’ve been great since we are still friends. From the moment you meet you have something in common. The workplace. You spend months if not years around each other, getting to know each other. I’ve seen office romances blossom into successful marriages. If you can make lifelong friends in the workplace, who’s to say you can’t make a lifelong partner.


Just don’t let it interfere with your work productivity.


See you next time:



What a Drink Says About a Woman



You ever go to a bar or club and see women drinking? Well what they have in their hands can tell you a lot about them. Here are the most common drinks women order and what they say about them. Pay attention guys.


Lemon Drops

She’s fun to go out with. She loves to have fun and is up to date on the latest trends and fashion. She may be street smart, but not necessarily book smart.


Red Wine

She’s conservative and health conscious. But shes also sensual, nurturing and warm. She likes the warmness wine gives when it hits her throat.



She’s trying to be one of the guys. Sure she can be fun and at times spontaneous, but she’s not comfortable with her femininity.



She’s a high maintenance chick. She tries too hard to look sophisticated around people and she doesn’t go with the flow. Beware!



She might be high maintenance, but she’s a serious drinker. Women who drink martinis are usually stressed out or depressed. They are looking to change their mood fast.


Rum and Coke

She’s laid back and likes to have fun.



She wants people to think she’s an intellectual. She’s an elitist. She thinks she’s more important than people around her. She wishes she was french and is living some sort of fantasy.


She takes care of herself and is grounded. She’s intelligent! She knows who she is and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.


Get yourself a woman who drinks scotch.



See you next time!

Geo Out


How to Get in the Club


Have you ever tried to get into the hot club only to be rejected by the bouncer? Then you have to go wait in line hoping you can get in. Fear not, here are 8 useful tips for getting in good with the doorman and finally getting in the club.


Step 1: First Time

If it’s your first time going to said club, get there as early as you can; preferably before the place gets packed. If possible, bring at least 1 hot girl. More than 1 and you have a better shot at getting in on your first try.


Step 2. Bring a Regular

Don’t know the spot? Bring someone who does. Bringing someone who has a reputation at the club ill make it easier the next time you go alone


Step 3. Look the Part

As with business, you have to dress for success. Make sure you feel like you fit I when you get to the door. If you have a problem matching, wear all black. Dress pants, button up shirt, dress shoes. You cant go wrong.


Step 4. Look Important

Walk up to the door as if you are supposed to be there. Look the doorman in his eyes as id you expect him to let you in. As with women, doormen can smell fear. Look nervous? He knows you’re not supposed to be there.


Step 5. Watch the attitude

If you don’t think you’ll make it, wait in line patiently. Don’t be rude. Intimidation will usually not work on doormen or bouncers.


Step 6. Don’t Drop Names

Don’t pretend you’re on a first name basis with doormen you don’t know. If you try and it comes off mediocre, that is a giant warning sign for them. Its worse than not knowing anyone.


Step 7. Spend some money

If you don’t have connects, offer to buy a table. Sure it’s expensive but it gets you in the door. Whatever you do, don’t try to buy off the doorman. It’s insulting to them and won’t get you into the nicest clubs.


Step 8. Try once more

If you don’t get in the first time, try again. But be classy about it. Come back after a few days. They will probably recognize you. If they like you they might let you in. If you fail a second time, fuck it! It’s only one club in a million.



See you next time.

Geo Out!

We are all young. We all make questionable choices when we’re young. But if you piss away your money every week living paycheck to paycheck as a young adult, I can guarantee that you will end up broke and living paycheck to paycheck the rest of your life. Lucky for you I learned from my mistake and don’t want to see any young man make the same ones. So allow me to map out the next 15 years of your financial life. If you start when your 18, you’ll be way ahead of the game.


Money and House

20-25: Start Saving Now and Stop Drinking So Much!


Step 1: At least Open a savings account or a retirement account.


Preferably a Roth IRA account. A Roth IRA account is a special retirement account where you pay taxes on money going into your account, but all future withdrawals are tax free. So if you put in at least $100 from ages 25-65 with an average rate of return, you will have about a million dollars by the time you retire. Don’t wait until you’re older to start making those $100 payments. Years of procrastinating can cost you hundreds of thousands.

Step 2. Eliminate your debt.


It would be better if you never got into debt at all. I always say if I can’t pay cash for it, I can’t afford it. Of course I didn’t know that at 18. So don’t go into debt. Of course if you are already in debt, eliminate if as fast as possible. Debt can cripple you for years.

Step 3. Buy a house.


For your starter home, don’t try to look for the perfect place. Buy something ugly. As long as your new home has a decent layout and good structure, you can build up its value. That way, you control the market, not the other way around. And stay away from interest only loans.


House and Woman

25-30: Start Making Money


Step 4: Raise You’re Money!


If you work for the man, you need to be getting progressive raises every year. Most companies will raise you about 4%. When you factor in inflation, that just means you’re staying even. Shoot for at least 20%. That way you will more than double your income every 5 years. If you want to take it a step further, start your own business. Begin working for yourself now and you control how much you make.

Step 5. New home every 2 years.


Most homes get you on a 30 year term. Which means that if you buy a home for $700k, and you have a $600k mortgage, by the end of the term, you have paid almost 1.2 million. Take advantage of the home sale tax exclusion. It allows you to get up to 250,000 in profits on the sale of your home as long as you have lived in it for at least 2 years. Just use the profits for your next home.

Step 6. Stop paying for women.


When it comes to women, one of the worst things a man can do is always pay for everything. Today is not like it was 60 years ago when only men worked. Don’t think you have to impress women with gifts. Real women don’t care. If she does, find a new one. A real women will care if you’re only making minimum payments on your credit card, or barely getting by without saving any real money for the future. Men care about how a woman kisses. Women care about what men do with their money. Don’t get stuck with a girl. Find a woman.


Marriage and Starbucks

30+ Don’t Lose It!


Step 7. Protect your biggest risky bet.


If you’re rich or wealth; or you just make a lot more then the woman you are dating, DO NOT get married. Without a prenup. Divorce is the single biggest thing that hurts wealthy guys as they get older. And don’t get tricked into signing a prenup that expires in 5-10 years. And don’t marry a girl. Marry a woman.

Step 8. Follow starbucks.


Want to start a business or looking for an area to expand? Well first I would recommend not starting a brick and mortar business. The way to go these days is online. Everything and everyone is online now. It’s not like 10 years ago. But if you are going the old school route, I would suggest looking into areas where new starbucks are popping up. Believe me they did their research. If they are opening a starbucks in an areas that you think might not have potential, you are wrong. They know they can sell $5 coffee there. You know that neighborhood is on its way up.

Step 9. Stay away from bad business.


Like I said, want to start a business? Start online. Going offline? Look for business opportunities on sites like or to see what’s working today. Two things that I advise you to stay away from are restaurants and bars. 60% of restaurants fail within the first year. 80% don’t make it past 5 years. Bars have a 70% failure rate. So stop watching all those movies about restaurant and bar owners making it big. Chances are slim to none. Instead, focus on smaller to medium sized businesses. Or just look to start something online. You can make a lot more money that way.


Well there’s your basic outline to retire rich. It will be better if this is all done before 35 so the sooner you get started, the more time you will have to travel and enjoy life.



See you guys next time:

Geo Out!