Month: January 2017

Deal With Stress


Life isn’t always easy. We all get the same 24 hours. Some of us just cram more into it than others. Therefore, creating more stress. It can get overwhelming. It can sometimes feel like there’s not enough hours in the day.



These are 5 ways to deal with stress



Number 1: Quick Workout


Sometimes you just don’t have the time to workout. You may not have those 45 minutes or that hour to spare. Not counting the time it takes to drive to the gym, get your workout in, drive home and freshen up.


That’s at least 90 minutes to 2 hours of time that you need to block out in your day. If you don’t have the time, spread it out throughout the day. You will deal with your stress throughout the day. Every hour or so, bang out a set of pushups. Got a couple minutes throughout the day to spare, do some crunches, pushups, lift some weights, whatever you can do, find a way.


You’ll be surprised how many reps you get done throughout the day. I have done as many as 300 without even noticing.


Try it for 1 day. A quick 2-3 minute workout every hour. Then let me know how you feel in the comments.



Number 2. Put Fun Stuff on Your To-do List


Don’t let your to-do list be all boring, business stuff or work stuff. Granted, if you’re like me and you like what you do, then that might not be a problem. But most people have to do what they have to do, which is sometimes not enjoyable.


So throughout the day, sprinkle some fun stuff in your agenda. Maybe give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to play ball. Close to the end of you list, catch a Laker game. That just makes you excited and will help you deal with your stress.


You’ll think to yourself “YEAH!”



Number 3. Take a day off


It’s good to have a lazy Sunday. You can get so stressed out throughout the week that you need to take some time off. You just need to deal with your stress.


How do you know when to do it? When you are so overwhelmed that you aren’t being productive anymore. If you’re not being productive, take the rest of the day off. Even if you’re burnt out by 11am or by noon.


Go to the beach. Watch a movie. Spend time with the kids. Just take your mind off of your stress.


Then come back, and CRUSH IT when you’re ready.



Number 4. Stop pretending


You don’t have to impress anyone. If someone wants to know something you don’t know, don’t pretend that you do. Don’t let their stress become your stress. Just be honest and say you don’t know.


What’s the worst that’s going to happen? They will perceive you as weak? Or dumb?


Oh well. You honestly don’t know what you don’t know. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn. This puts in your mind to learn something new. That’s intelligence.



Number 5. Get Rid of the People Causing You Stress


This is the most important one to me. It was the most important when I started venturing out on my own, and it has not changed.


There was many people that didn’t believe in me. Many people saying “Maybe you should get a steady job with a steady paycheck.” Or “Why do you spend so much time on the computer?” Or “How come you don’t want to come to the bar with us, you never want to hang out.”


Even my kids mother wasn’t a believer. “You’re neglecting us!” Yeah! Neglecting them while they were sleeping. I wouldn’t even sleep in. But she thought I was just wasting time on the computer. But of course I can’t get rid of my kids mother. Or my son. (Not that I want to)


But other people, even family, you just have to distance yourself. They can affect you negatively. It can take a toll on your productivity.


Get rid of those negative nancies, or as Victor Pride calls them, those crabs in a pot.



Focus on the positive in your life.


Take these tips and start improving your productivity immediately.


You won’t regret it.



See you next time






Whether we want to admit it or not, we have a serious drinking problem. And I’m not just talking about alcohol. There’s a reason why 74 percent of men in America are fat or getting fat. There’s a reason why a record number of kids are overweight or have diabetes.


And it’s not just food. It’s what we drink. The juices. The sodas. The milk shakes. Your sugar filled starbucks coffee that you love so much. None of that is good for us.


What to Drink, and What Not To Drink


Here 3 Things You Should be Drinking Everyday, Number of things you should drink on occasion, and number of things you should Never drink.




Drink Everyday


Water: For most of human history we drank only water. Our bodies are composed mainly of water. We need water to keep us hydrated. It is essential for our bodies.


Tea: Tea is very healthy. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants that help fight cancer. It also has zero calories. As long as you don’t load it with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Stick to natural tea bags. Avoid bottled teas. Except these.


Coffee: Black coffee is the best. Not sweetened with sugars or creamers. If you must add anythings, make it a bulletproof coffee. Add some grass-fed, unsalted butter, and some coconut oil or mct oil.


I like Onnit’s MCT oil because it is flavored and gives the coffee a hint of flavor.


Stay away from starbucks or big chain coffee franchises. At least from their sugary signature drinks. They can be loaded with sugar and carbs. Unnecessary calories.


Keep it simple. It takes some getting used to, but black coffee is the best.






Drinks on Occasion


Alcohol: We all like to indulge every once in a while. But a lot of times we over-indulge. Studies show that 1 or 2 drinks a day can reduce the risk of heart disease. But not just any drink.


Red wine seems to be the best.


Keep it to 1 or 2 drinks per day if you must drink. Alcohol is loaded with empty calories and carbs.


Diet Sodas: Sure diet sodas usually don’t contain many calories, 5 at most. But have you ever read the ingredient labels? What are all those chemicals you are ingesting into your body? If you don’t know the effects they can have on your body, don’t drink so much of it. If anything, drink 1 or 2 diet sodas per week.


Juice: I don’t mean natural fruit juice like fresh squeezed orange juice, I’m talking about most bottled juices. Many bottled or boxed juices have a ton of added sugar. That’s not good for the body. Do yourself a favor, get your juice freshly squeezed. Or just eat some fruit.






Avoid Drinking


Bottled Teas: Most bottled teas are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Stay away. If you have to drink bottled teas, stick to Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea.


Sodas: Most sodas are high in sugar and high in calories.


Flavored coffees from coffee shops: These can have way more sugar than the average person needs in a day. That’s unwanted calories, unwanted carbs, unwanted sugars. This leads to fat. Make your own coffee.



Watch what you put in your body.



See you next time




3 Things So She Will Call You Back



After you’ve been dating, don’t make yourself look like a rookie when you finally get your woman in bed for the first time. Whether the relationship stops or continues, she’ll always remember the first time with you. Just like a first kiss, her first time in bed with you will let her know about the potential of the relationship.


Make her first time with you memorable.



Here are 3 Things To Do The First Time So She Will Call You Back



Number 1. Take Your Time


If a girl gives it up to you after the first date, she’s not relationship material. And the whole ‘3 date’ rule is outdated. Most good women usually wait 8 or more dates before they hook up with a guy. And if you’re trying to figure out when it’s going to happen, don’t worry, she’ll let you know when she’s ready.


How? She will make sure you two are alone. If she wants to go back to your place, or if she invites you over and says that no ones going to be home, HELLO!



Number 2. Don’t Just Kiss Her


Make out. Don’t just kiss her to try to move your way down as fast as you can. This tells her that all you want to do is get laid. Take your time. Kiss her right. 6 out of 10 women I interviewed, stated that they ended the relationship after the first kiss because the man was a sloppy kisser.



Number 3. Don’t immediately go for the home run


Take your time at first, second, and third base. Take 15-20 minutes of foreplay. That’s kissing and touching before working your way south. It takes time for a woman to become aroused. Take your time before going to home base.


More importantly, take your time at home base. You don’t want to be the guy who finishes after 3-5 thrusts. You need to last more than 30 seconds.


180 seconds, that’s 3 minutes. Yeah, that was the goal… in High School!


But you’re a man! You have to know how to pleasure a woman. Most women only want between 10-20 minutes. That’s all they need to get off.


Keep it simple the first time. Forget those positions in your karma sutra book or in any of the porn you’ve been watching, or any fantasies you might have.


Make sure she gets off first before you finish. Take your time.


Do you notice a pattern here? Just like in business or anything else that you do, bedding a woman and making sure she invites you back is all about putting in the time.


Don’t rush it.



Take your time.



See you next time






Stress is one of the biggest health problems that can affect men. Not cancer or disease. Stress!


I asked 5 of my biggest influences and here’s what they had to say about what causes them stress and how they dealt with it.


6 Causes of Stress and how to beat them



Stress Cause Number 1: All your friends are married and having kids and you’re worried your with the wrong person.


How to beat it: You need the right person. If you don’t have anyone or even if you do, you need to ask yourself these questions about what you want in life.


First and foremost, do you like her? If you aren’t attracted to her, you’re wasting your time.


Do you get along well together?


Do you have the same likes and dislikes? Even if you don’t, you can have conversations about each others interests. So that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Does she respect you and what you do?


Does she respect your family and your friends?


Does she try to fix arguments instead of fight?


Does she share with you?


If you’re answering Yes to these questions, you have a keeper. If you answer No to any one of them, it’s time to let it go and move on. Find a new one or focus on yourself.


Sometimes you have to make a choice. My idol Victor Pride made the decision to make his business his life. Therefore he will never be married or have kids. That is a choice he made.


So make a choice.



Stress Cause Number 2: Your friends, family, or boss are hassling you to do anything they think you should do and you’re getting fed up with it.


How to beat it: Get away from it. I’m not saying run away. I’m not saying let that problem boil. Get away from it for a bit.


Go to the restroom. Wash your face. Just get yourself away from the situation completely.


If you’re angry, if you’re mad, you’re going to say stuff that you don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Don’t let that play out. Take a minute or 2, go back calmly, and figure out a way to fix the situation.



Stress Cause Number 3: You just lost a loved one. You don’t know how to deal with it. Trust me when I tell you this could make a Major impact in your life. It distracts you from work, pleasure, and everything else in your life if you’re just grieving all the time.


How to beat it: Don’t dwell on it all the time. Give yourself time for it. Everyday or every other day, give yourself 5 to 10 minutes to let go and just grieve about it. Preferably do it at a time after productivity and do something physical after. So maybe after you’re done working for the day, before you go to the gym.


If you work out after, your endorphins rise, and your mood will enhance. This will keep the memory of your loved one alive without being disrespectful or distracting, allowing you to always remember them.



Stress Cause Number 4: Other people’s well being is based on your success. Sometimes focusing on yourself means that you’re focusing on your family. On your wife and kids. On your parents. Brothers and sisters. Multiple people that depend on you.


How to beat it: Focus! Focus on the right now. Then focus on the future. When it gets stressful, just breathe. Breathe and be aware of the situation you’re in. Visualize what you need to do, and if you’re doing it. Don’t overthink it. Know that you’re doing the right thing.



Stress Cause Number 5: You’re not over the Ex.


How to beat it: Think of all the things that you liked about them and write them down. The ask yourself, is she the only girl with these qualities? If you answer NO, then you can move on.


This is a sort of To-do list of things to find in a new woman. Easy!



Stress Cause Number 6: Success is just around the corner. You KNOW success is just around the corner. If you can just get over this last hump.


How to beat it: Just do it! Don’t overthink it. Be aggressive. You know what you have to do. Don’t try to make it perfect. Just do it.



Beat these causes of stress. Live a stress-free life and be on your way to a better one.



See you next time




Woman Fantasy


It’s no secret men have fantasies.


But why are they fantasies?


Because most men just don’t know how to make them reality.


Here’s a secret that women don’t want you to know…


They have fantasies too. And a lot of their fantasies are similar to ours. So if you were to just ask, she would probably be up for it.


I asked 10 women which fantasies they have, and how we can make them happen. Here’s what they said.



These are the top 3 fantasies to make happen with your girl



Number 3: Watch Her Touch Herself


8 out of 10 women want to touch themselves while you watch. It makes them feel sexy knowing you’re getting turned on watching her pleasure herself. At the same time, she’s letting you know how she likes it.


How to make it happen: When you’re making out and the clothes start coming off, begin to touch her, while taking her hand along with yours. Gently whisper in her ear for her to continue touching herself while you pay attention to the rest of her body. Want to turn her on even more? Start pleasuring yourself at the same time while she watches. This is one of the biggest turn-ons for them.



Number 2: Having a Three-some


This one is more pleasurable for us men. But 7 out of 10 women are up for it because they want to fulfill their mans fantasies. There is also more stimulation for her when there is another woman. So her orgasm will be a lot better.


How to make it happen: Don’t try to get her to just jump into a three way. You have to work up to that. You can start off with a sex toy. That just creates the illusion of a three way. Then step it up. Watch some porn together. Or go to a strip club together. This will let you know if there’s a situation where both of you enjoy watching other people. If both of you enjoy it, then it’s time to discuss taking it to the next level. If you both agree, be sure to talk about any do’s and don’ts. You don’t want this messing up your relationship; which can happen real easy.



Number 1: Have Sex In a Public Place


7 out of 10 women’s number 1 fantasy was to have sex in a public place. The reason being, is that they are scared of getting caught, and this fear makes them focus more on having the best sexual encounter they can have. This heightens every sexual sense their body.


How to make it happen: Start it of at home. Do some role play. Roll play a meet up. Roll play an office visit. Roll play doing it at work. From there step it up to role playing with the blinds accidentally left open. Once that’s a success, then she’s ready to take it to a public place.


Time for you to make it happen.


Get out there gentlemen. Or in there as it may be.


See you next time




Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea



Multiple studies have shown that tea is one of the best drinks to drink. But sometimes there’s just not enough time for you to make your own tea. Even though it only takes a couple minutes to boil water, pour it in a cup, and put the tea bag in.


We always make excuses. Sometimes it’s just easier to buy a drink at the store while grocery shopping.


After drinking many green teas and seeing their ingredients, these are the top 2 bottled green teas I recommend.


The Best Bottled Green Tea


Honest Organic Honey Green Tea
Honest Organic Honey Green Tea


Honest Tea Organic Honey Green Tea


This is the best tasting of the healthy bottled green teas. When it comes to health and taste, this is definitely the winner. It’s low in calories and moderate sugar. It has about 74 calories, 97 grams of caffeine, and it tastes great.


Get it from amazon HERE



Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea with Ginseng
Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea with Ginseng


Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea


If you’re strictly about health, this is the number 1 bottled green tea. It has no calories, no carbs, and it also tastes great. Not as sweet as the honest tea, but great none the less. If you’re transitioning, start with the honest tea. Arizona can be an acquired taste but it’s delicious and healthy. It’s the closest thing to real green tea that you can get.



If you’re like me and don’t like hot tea, then this is the best option.


Get it from Amazon HERE



I don’t want you to think that I’m just trying to make money from you guys, so get it from your local grocery stores.



That’s how much I love these teas.



See you next time