3 Reasons to Dress Better

3 Reasons to Dress Better Connor



Got a little money to spend? Why don’t you invest it? I’m not talking about a savings account or playing the stock market.


I’m talking about investing in yourself. In the way you look. Specifically, the way you dress.


Whether you believe it or not, this investment will probably pay you more in your life than other investments.


Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor


The top 3 Reasons to dress better


Confidence: When you look good, you are more confident. This will improve your life drastically. You will be more confident in your work causing you to earn more money.


Interaction: People usually judge a book by it’s cover. So if you look good, you will have better interactions with your friends and family. Even that girl at the bar. But more importantly, you will have better interactions with your clients at work. So you will earn more money.


Money: As you probably caught on, improving your wardrobe can make you earn more money. You look good. So you will feel good. You will do everything better. In work and life. If you look good you feel like you can take on the world. Because you can.


Once you invest in yourself, the world will invest in you.



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