3 Fights To Avoid With Your Girl

3 Fights To Avoid With Your Girl



If you’re in a relationship, or ever have been, you know that women always try to test you. It seems like they always want proof that they can still trust you. Or they just like to fight. Arguments can escalate very quickly. Sometimes saying too much, or not saying anything at all can set them off.



Here are 3 common fights to avoid with your girl and the right words to use.


She finds out your female friend wasn’t always just a friend


DON’T SAY: “I didn’t tell you because you would get mad.” – This just sounds like an excuse and makes it seem like you don’t trust her.

SAY: “I wasn’t hiding it. We’ve just been friends for so long I didn’t even think to bring up the past.” – Then ask her how she would feel comfortable with their friendship. All in all, let her know that your relationship is more important than the friendship.



She finds texts from an ex.


DONT SAY: “She’s crazy! Just forget it.” – You shouldn’t be keeping these texts or emails in the first place. Keeping messages makes it seems like you miss her and leaves the door open for further communication.

SAY: “I don’t want to get messages from her and I know you don’t want me to either. How can we fix this?” – If you are really doing nothing wrong, which you shouldn’t be, let her read them. Chances are if you are not responding they will eventually stop.



She catches you checking out her hot family members.


DONT SAY: “No I wasn’t.” – This just sounds defensive. She’ll think you don’t understand why she is mad.

SAY: “Sorry. But I’d rather be with you!” – Man up and admit your mistake. Just try to keep your eyes in your head. Of course she knows there’s other girls around, and it will make her feel insecure if you are checking them out.



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