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You never know if the relationship you’re in might be the one.


If you’re single and are looking for the one, sometimes you think it’s love at first sight. Then sometimes that ‘love at first sight’ turns into you broke up because she couldn’t, or you didn’t.


Sometimes it’s all in your head.


So when looking for the one check for these myths and don’t let them get in between you and true happiness.


These are just some things I learned throughout life



3 Myths About Relationships and the Harsh Realities


Myth #1 – Love takes your breath away


We’ve all see countless movies and read countless books that make us want to believe this. To believe in love at first sight. Or that our hearts would drop when we see the woman of our dreams walk across the room for the first time. But C’mon! We’re men! This happens to high school kids, college kids. It doesn’t happen to men.


Remember Romeo and Juliet? How old was Romeo? All these love at first sight movies, how old were the people in them? That’s not to say that instant love doesn’t happen, but don’t wait for it. Don’t go looking for it. There’s no guarantee.


Most women you meet are not going to take your breath away in an instant. Most women that you have a relationship with and eventually come to love, are going to inspire you with time. That whole love at first sight myth, falling head over heels, things like that, that’s for kids. We’re Men! And we want Women. Not girls.


Myth #2 – You need to have things in common


This could not be more untrue. There’s a reason why the saying opposites attract is more true than anything else. The best thing about being with someone is that you can experience the world through their eyes. And if you dont understand their world, you can ask them. Sure they might not be your “type”, but you can learn things that maybe you didnt know before.


That’s what a relationship is.


It doesn’t have to be all opposite. Sure you want to have the same values. Maybe both agree on starting a family. Maybe both agree on career paths. Agree on finances. Things like that. But as far as likes and dislikes, they don’t always have to be the same.



Myth #3 She wants it all


A man just automatically thinks that a woman wants him to take care of her. This should be true. Back in the old days, a woman stayed home and took care of the kids and took care of the home. She was the homemaker. She made sure everything was neatly organized, the kids well taken care of, and the man would go out and earn the living. Provide.


These days, it can be done. And it should be. But it’s a bit more complicated. We all want to be men of power. We should be. We have to take care of our women. We have to take care of our kids. We have to take care of our responsibilities. It’s our duty to keep our relationship alive and healthy.


But sometimes it gets hard. There’s nothing wrong with a woman that works. ONLY while you make it.


Once you make it, it is your responsibility and your duty to take care of them. If a woman is going to take care of you, keep your home clean, keep you fed, keep your kids fed and healthy, then it is your responsibility to take care of them.


If your woman loves you, when you’re having trouble, she will be there for you. But when you make it, you make damn sure you give them what they want.


You make damn sure you keep them happy.


If she’s with you when there’s trouble, then it is your duty to keep her smiling. It’s time to man up.


Be a man and take care of business.


Until next time.



3 Things So She Will Call You Back



After you’ve been dating, don’t make yourself look like a rookie when you finally get your woman in bed for the first time. Whether the relationship stops or continues, she’ll always remember the first time with you. Just like a first kiss, her first time in bed with you will let her know about the potential of the relationship.


Make her first time with you memorable.



Here are 3 Things To Do The First Time So She Will Call You Back



Number 1. Take Your Time


If a girl gives it up to you after the first date, she’s not relationship material. And the whole ‘3 date’ rule is outdated. Most good women usually wait 8 or more dates before they hook up with a guy. And if you’re trying to figure out when it’s going to happen, don’t worry, she’ll let you know when she’s ready.


How? She will make sure you two are alone. If she wants to go back to your place, or if she invites you over and says that no ones going to be home, HELLO!



Number 2. Don’t Just Kiss Her


Make out. Don’t just kiss her to try to move your way down as fast as you can. This tells her that all you want to do is get laid. Take your time. Kiss her right. 6 out of 10 women I interviewed, stated that they ended the relationship after the first kiss because the man was a sloppy kisser.



Number 3. Don’t immediately go for the home run


Take your time at first, second, and third base. Take 15-20 minutes of foreplay. That’s kissing and touching before working your way south. It takes time for a woman to become aroused. Take your time before going to home base.


More importantly, take your time at home base. You don’t want to be the guy who finishes after 3-5 thrusts. You need to last more than 30 seconds.


180 seconds, that’s 3 minutes. Yeah, that was the goal… in High School!


But you’re a man! You have to know how to pleasure a woman. Most women only want between 10-20 minutes. That’s all they need to get off.


Keep it simple the first time. Forget those positions in your karma sutra book or in any of the porn you’ve been watching, or any fantasies you might have.


Make sure she gets off first before you finish. Take your time.


Do you notice a pattern here? Just like in business or anything else that you do, bedding a woman and making sure she invites you back is all about putting in the time.


Don’t rush it.



Take your time.



See you next time




Woman Fantasy


It’s no secret men have fantasies.


But why are they fantasies?


Because most men just don’t know how to make them reality.


Here’s a secret that women don’t want you to know…


They have fantasies too. And a lot of their fantasies are similar to ours. So if you were to just ask, she would probably be up for it.


I asked 10 women which fantasies they have, and how we can make them happen. Here’s what they said.



These are the top 3 fantasies to make happen with your girl



Number 3: Watch Her Touch Herself


8 out of 10 women want to touch themselves while you watch. It makes them feel sexy knowing you’re getting turned on watching her pleasure herself. At the same time, she’s letting you know how she likes it.


How to make it happen: When you’re making out and the clothes start coming off, begin to touch her, while taking her hand along with yours. Gently whisper in her ear for her to continue touching herself while you pay attention to the rest of her body. Want to turn her on even more? Start pleasuring yourself at the same time while she watches. This is one of the biggest turn-ons for them.



Number 2: Having a Three-some


This one is more pleasurable for us men. But 7 out of 10 women are up for it because they want to fulfill their mans fantasies. There is also more stimulation for her when there is another woman. So her orgasm will be a lot better.


How to make it happen: Don’t try to get her to just jump into a three way. You have to work up to that. You can start off with a sex toy. That just creates the illusion of a three way. Then step it up. Watch some porn together. Or go to a strip club together. This will let you know if there’s a situation where both of you enjoy watching other people. If both of you enjoy it, then it’s time to discuss taking it to the next level. If you both agree, be sure to talk about any do’s and don’ts. You don’t want this messing up your relationship; which can happen real easy.



Number 1: Have Sex In a Public Place


7 out of 10 women’s number 1 fantasy was to have sex in a public place. The reason being, is that they are scared of getting caught, and this fear makes them focus more on having the best sexual encounter they can have. This heightens every sexual sense their body.


How to make it happen: Start it of at home. Do some role play. Roll play a meet up. Roll play an office visit. Roll play doing it at work. From there step it up to role playing with the blinds accidentally left open. Once that’s a success, then she’s ready to take it to a public place.


Time for you to make it happen.


Get out there gentlemen. Or in there as it may be.


See you next time




4 Ways to Meet Women


Meeting women is easy. Whether or not that leads to dates or anything more is entirely up to you. But the more women you meet, the more options you give yourself, and the more your chances increase. Here are 4 surefire ways to meet women.



4 Ways to Meet Women



10 random women – Start a conversation with at least 10 random women every day. Chances are you will get many rejections, but soon, that wont even phase you. It will give you the chance to practice your icebreakers and conversation starters. Soon you will know what works and what doesn’t.



Pretend You Know Her – This will change your mentality and your approach. Approach her like you would a friend. Keep it casual and she won’t see you as a creeper just trying to get in her pants.



Go out for lunch – Women like to eat lunch outdoors. So get away from home, the office, or workplace and go out for lunch. Nice restaurants with outdoor seating are you best bet.



Don’t ask too many questions – You don’t want to put her on the defensive. You’re a stranger, so if you ask a lot of questions she will feel like you’re intruding. Instead, share with her things about yourself and let her ask the questions.



Now get out there and start meeting women!



Until Next Time




3 People to Win Over to Get The Girl


You and her! That’s all that should matter in a relationship. But the people in her life will be in her ear. They will tell her if you’re a good guy or not. And whether you like it or not, she will listen.



Here’s the 3 people you need to win over, and how to do it.



Her Father – All fathers think no man will ever be good enough for their daughters. They think that no man besides them will ever be able to take care of them. This is an easy win for you. First of all, don’t talk about how much money you make. Instead, ask his advice on finances, savings accounts, retirement funds, investment opportunities, things of that nature. It will impress him as well as making him see that you are financially responsible. Something he wants for his daughter.



Her Mother – Mothers are always scared that you’re going to take their little girl away from them. Ask her about her relationship with her husband. How long they’ve been married. How they celebrate anniversaries. It will show that you’re not just interested in a short time hookup, but rather a committed relationship with her daughter.



Her Best Friend – She’s just trying to protect her friend. And in her mind, you’re just like every other guy. Be her friend. But be honest about it. Ask for her opinions. Ask her what you could do to be a good fit for your girl. She will see that you mean the best for her friend and will think positive as she is giving you positive advice.



If you want to win over the girl, you must win her parents and her friend.



Until Next time




5 Types of Women You Should Meet
5 Types of Women You Should Meet


How many women have you gone out with? Were they all the same? It’s good to meet different kinds of people. But if you are always in the same neighborhoods or in the same hangouts, chances are most of the women you’ve dated have been of the same type of women.


That gets boring. It doesn’t allow you to evolve and you don’t know what you miss out on.



5 types of women you should meet before you settle down



The Sophisticated and Educated Hot Chick

This girl is smart, funny and hot. A perfect combination. She will joke with you and keep up with your sarcasm. She knows how to keep up a conversation. When you go somewhere with her, people will stare. Your friends will be jealous. This is the girl everyone wants. Having her makes you feel awesome. But fair warning: you need to be supremely confident to date this girl.



The Down to Earth Hot Chick

This girl is just a slight step down from the sophisticated, educated hot chick. She knows the good classy bars, as well as the good museums and shows with free wine. She likes smart guys. If you have nothing in common, or her interests don’t interest you, chances are this will not work out. Leaving her as just one of these.



The Vegetarian or Yoga Girl

I left out ‘Hot’ because these girls usually are. This girl takes really good care of herself. She will probably have great skin and a great physique. She’s also most likely into meditation and other spiritual journeys. Like the down to earth hot chick, you will most have to have the same interests in order to make a connection.



The ‘Needy’ Girl

This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on what you are looking for. She can be a little ‘in your face‘. Meaning she is always looking for the meaning of a relationship. Or trying to find signs and things like that. One great benefit is that she will be an awesome kisser. This girl is trying to settle down. So if you’re not ready for an exclusive relationship, stay away.



The Future Housewife

This girl is not a gold digger. She just wants to be comfortable. That means a roof over her head, the bills paid, and food on the table. She’d rather not work but she will if she has to. If you’re a traditional man, this is the girl you want. She’s willing to be at home taking care of the chores and the kids while the man takes care of everything else.



Until Next Time




What a bra says about a woman


Different women wear different bras for different reasons. Just like drinks, there are many types, and if you try to read them, and find out what a bra says about a woman, if can get confusing. It’s not always just about the style or the comfort level. Sometimes there is a deeper meaning behind the type of bra she chooses to wear.


What does her bra tell you?


Color: Stick to girls who wear darker color bras. If she wears bright, in your face color bras (yellow, red, etc.. ) anywhere but the bedroom, she is most likely craving attention. That spells drama queen.



Quality: Is the fabric smooth? Does it have loose threads? Does it look expensive? When you see it do you think Wal-mart, or Victoria Secret? If it looks like good quality, you found a girl who wants the best for herself and likes to provide for herself. Meaning there will be times when she wants to take YOU out and pay.



Padding: Don’t go for the girl with the push up bra. Bra’s serve their purpose, but if she thinks she needs all that padding, she is uncomfortable and self conscious about herself. You want a girl with confidence in herself.



Take my advice if you will. These are not universal truths, just personal opinions from questions answered by woman kind enough to answer.



Until Next Time




How To Text a Woman



Did you just meet a woman and get her number? Want to take her out? Do you know how to text a woman? Well let me tell you the first rule of texting women.


DO NOT text her before the first date!



Any communication you need, or want, to have with her should be done with a phone call. The only reason to text before a first date is to confirm the time and date. Then if the date goes great, you can expand your forms of communication to texting.


However, things can quickly go south if you don’t know how to properly text a women post date.


Here are 5 more rules of texting women to make a second date happen


Rule Number 1: Timing is Everything – Remember the movie Swingers? The rule after getting a woman’s number was to wait 3 days before initial contact in order to not seem like a creeper. Well times have changed, but same rules apply.


After the first date, there is still a “creeper window” that you want to avoid. Do not text her right away, within minutes, or even hours, especially in the middle of the night. You will seem either desperate or like you are just interested in a booty call.


Instead, wait until the next afternoon and keep it casual. Just let her know you had a great time and you look forward to seeing her again.



Rule Number 2: Choose Your Words – Hopefully, after the date, you will know her a little better. So you should have no problem asking her about things you have in common or something better than the standard “Hi, how are you?”. Make sure you have some small talk or banter as if she was right next to you.



Rule Number 3: Remember English Class – Use full sentences. Especially if you’re over the age of 25. Don’t abbreviate. If you’re to lazy to type ‘your’ instead of ‘ur’, educated girls don’t respond well. The same goes for emojis. Leave that to the immature teenagers.



Rule Number 4: Time Your Response –  There’s nothing wrong with responding to a text right away; but all the time makes it seem like you’re waiting for her text with your phone in your hand at all times.


However, waiting too long has it’s negative effects too. Try to respond within an hour or 2. It shouldn’t take longer than that, unless your phone dies or there is an emergency. Any longer than that and women mentally move on.


Rule Number 5: DO NOT Ask for Selfies – Sure if you are attracted to her (which you should be), you are no doubt thinking of her hotness and fantasizing about her. But if you ask for a selfie or pictures you will seem like a perv. The only time to cross that boundary is if when she brings it up. Once she asks you for that first pic and your relationship gets further, things will start getting raunchier.



There you have it. Following these rules on how to text a woman will get you further to getting to know her without seeming like a creep.



Until Next Time




3 Fights To Avoid With Your Girl



If you’re in a relationship, or ever have been, you know that women always try to test you. It seems like they always want proof that they can still trust you. Or they just like to fight. Arguments can escalate very quickly. Sometimes saying too much, or not saying anything at all can set them off.



Here are 3 common fights to avoid with your girl and the right words to use.


She finds out your female friend wasn’t always just a friend


DON’T SAY: “I didn’t tell you because you would get mad.” – This just sounds like an excuse and makes it seem like you don’t trust her.

SAY: “I wasn’t hiding it. We’ve just been friends for so long I didn’t even think to bring up the past.” – Then ask her how she would feel comfortable with their friendship. All in all, let her know that your relationship is more important than the friendship.



She finds texts from an ex.


DONT SAY: “She’s crazy! Just forget it.” – You shouldn’t be keeping these texts or emails in the first place. Keeping messages makes it seems like you miss her and leaves the door open for further communication.

SAY: “I don’t want to get messages from her and I know you don’t want me to either. How can we fix this?” – If you are really doing nothing wrong, which you shouldn’t be, let her read them. Chances are if you are not responding they will eventually stop.



She catches you checking out her hot family members.


DONT SAY: “No I wasn’t.” – This just sounds defensive. She’ll think you don’t understand why she is mad.

SAY: “Sorry. But I’d rather be with you!” – Man up and admit your mistake. Just try to keep your eyes in your head. Of course she knows there’s other girls around, and it will make her feel insecure if you are checking them out.



Until Next Time







Your first year in a relationship is always going to have its ups and downs. Let me show you how to make those more ups than downs.


Remember: This timeline isn’t after you meet. It’s after you’ve been dating and you like each other enough to make it exclusive.


3 Weeks In


The getting-to-know-you stage in the hay should be over. It’s time to start experimenting. Just make sure both of you are on the same page.



3 Months In


Don’t let it get boring. Don’t let sleeping together turn into actually .. you know, sleeping together. Make sure you do things to make her want you. After a few months this will turn from passionate foreplay to things like fixing her lunch to doing the dishes, etc.. There are different things that will make her want to please you sexually than the normal sexual things you want to do. Find out what she wants and don’t let it get old.



6 Months In


You fight dirty. You apologize dirtier. Women will never admit that they are wrong. When she is mad she will hate you. But you know what comes with hate? Hate sex. Or make up sex. Whatever you want to call it. I’ll admit, this is some of the best sex you will ever have.



Even if you know you did anything wrong, for some reason there is nothing sexier than a guy who is willing to take the fall for a fight. This gives them the incentive to do uncompromising things later when she wants to take it back.



If you are a pro, you can get away without even apologizing. If you didn’t do anything wrong, and you touch her in the right places, you’ll have her realizing you didn’t do anything wrong, pleasuring you and her at the same time.



9 Months In


Flirt flirt flirt. Jealousy starts kicking in right about now. You may be innocently asking a waitress questions about food recommendations or making innocent conversations with one of her friends to break the ice, she will see it as you being a flirt. The secret? Be upfront about it and take it with you. Starting from celebrity crushes, don’t hide the fact of whatever girls you check out. Granted she may not look like the celebs you mention but being open about it it, she will start letting you know who she thinks is ‘hot’ or whatever it may be. Whether she really thinks this or not is not the point. The point is she is getting to know what is attracting you and will do her best to do that for you. If that doesn’t make you want her, then believe me you don’t really want her.



1 Year In


You Made It! You survived your first year in the relationship. First anniversary gift. What does she want? Is it money? Is it jewelry? Is it Diamonds? Who knows. What works? Marathons sex! Not at home. Go on vacation. Vegas?! That always work. Pamper your woman. Give her a day at the spa to pleasure her and relax her. Get her a sexy outfit and she will pleasure and relax you. Then take her to a nice restaurant and out for a night on the town to celebrate making in one year in. Which will end with both of you hot and ready back in your hotel room.



Until next time