7 Things You Only Know If You’re a Dad

Dad and son


Fatherhood is a blessing. Being a dad is a gift. It comes with its rewards.


Our lives change when we become parents. Our kids lives become our motivation to get things done. Kids learn from us, just as we learn from them.


But that doesn’t mean fatherhood doesn’t come with its annoyances. With its disgusts.


Here’s a list of things you only know if you’re a dad.


7 Things You Only Know If You’re a Dad


1 – You don’t sleep as much as you want. – And you don’t get laid as much as you want. Kids run on their own time. Whether you like it or not. You can tell the kid to go to sleep, but if he doesn’t want to, he’s not going to. And there’s not much, besides fixing their sleeping habits, that you can do about it.


So get used to adjusting your sleep schedule to their sleep schedule. And get used to adjusting your sex life to their sleep schedule.


The best thing for this, Coffee. Coffee is your best friend.


2 – You can’t get mad. – Kids are like little drunks. You have to understand that. When he spills something, drops something, breaks something, you can’t really get mad. You have to come to that realization.


Your kids will see that, and they will forgive your mistakes.


3 – Your kids see your relationship with their mother. – Kids know! If you mistreat their mother, they know. If you divorce their mother, they know.


If you treat her like a queen, they know.


So don’t think your kid is too young or no one is watching. Kids always know what’s going on.


4 – You’re not as sensitive as you thought. – You’ll catch vomit with your bare hands and you wont even bat an eye. It came from your baby and you’ll do anything for them. You won’t even realize it.


5 – You’ll watch Toy Story multiple times. – All day if you must.


Things that were important before? Watching UFC all the time, football all the time, playing video games, everything. It will seem like a waste compared to the time you have with your kids.


6 – When your kid makes a mistake, one of you will always be the bad guy. – Try to be the good guy.


When potty training my son, his mother would always get mad when he had an ‘accident’. I would always try to be the ‘understanding’ one. I tried to stay calm. (See #2 above). I would say “He’s barely learning.” Kids notice.


My son loves me more. I know it’s not a competition.


Last but not least..


Big Daddy
Big Daddy


7 – Don’t tell your kid what to do. – Show them! This is the best way to get them to learn anything. Don’t just tell them, Show them!


If you don’t have kids, be ready.


Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree. Or things I missed.



See you next time