The Perfect Body Type

Perfect Body


As a man, you have to have a the perfect body type. A great body Don’t have one yet? Work on it That’s one surefire way to get respect.


But besides the respect aspect, a great body has to be able to perform to take on the any challenge life throws your way. And I’m not just talking about fighting.


A great body have 3 things. Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. Make sure your workouts include a healthy dose of each of these to guarantee results.


The Perfect Body Type




Long Distance Runner


If you only focus on endurance, you will have the body of a sprinter or long distance runner. You need to have endurance so you don’t get tired doing anything. Whether it’s working a physical job, playing with your kids, going on hikes, or just living life in general; you need to have endurance.


Workout: Run, treadmill, walk, swim, ride a bike, play basketball or any other sport, whatever you choose just make sure you are constantly moving at a higher heart rate than normal for an extended period of time in order to get cardio exercise. Not only does this help your endurance but it will help keep your heart healthy and help you lose weight.






If you only focus on strength, you will have the body of a bodybuilder. As a man you need to be strong. You must be able to defend yourself and your family in any situation. And you must be able to physically do things like moving heavy objects, or opening a jar for your woman.


Workout: No question about it you have to work out with weights. Don’t waste your time on assisted machines. Be a man and work out with weights. Not strong enough yet? Oh well! Start with small weights and work your way up. Don’t be ashamed for making gains. Work out with weights to build muscle and spike your metabolism. This will keep your body and your bones strong.






There’s no way around this! If you just work out your strength and endurance, you will most likely be as stiff as a board. Most men don’t work on their flexibility because they think it’s gay. They imagine things like yoga (which is totally effective by the way), which they think only women should do. However, having a kid I noticed that there are many things a kid can do that us as grown men should be able to do. We should be able to move freely. And the only way to do that is to work on our flexibility.


Workout: Im not going to pretend the be and expert on flexibility. I do yoga on occasion which really helps and I recommend. Other than that, make sure you stretch before and after your workouts. This improves your performance and reduces the risk of injury.


Want to take it a step further, I recently purchased a program from movement coach, and I must say WOW! I can definitely see results. Another great (albeit) more popular movement coach is Ido Portal.


Can’t afford a movement coach or their program, this workout by Victor Pride is also a great one. Check it out.


That being said, I’m working on having the perfect body type that incorporates all 3 of these aspects. Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. I don’t want to look like a long distance runner (lacking stregnth and muscle definition), I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder (lacking endurance and flexibility), and I don’t just want to be flexible (like a woman).


Who has a perfect body? Fighters! Look at the sport of MMA. Most fighters have effective bodies. They are strong, can go a hard 5 rounds, and are flexible enough in their submission attempts.


I noticed their body types are fit. They have muscle definition. The have abs. They have big arms. The have big shoulders. They have big chests. They don’t have a big back. They don’t necessarily care about being big and buff. They want to be able to perform.


As a man, Perfection has to be the goal.


Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor



Jay Kulina
Jay Kulina


Have a body that can do anything!



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