Geo’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2016

Christmas Tree


The holidays are here! But they are here multiple times a year when Geo’s involved. Here is Geo’s Shopping Guide 2016: What to get your peers this time of year.



Your Best Friend:


Beer! Tip: Do some research! Introduce your friend to a new beer. (Your new favorite beer.) It always keeps your best friend as your best friend. Drink it with them. It will go from laughing, to singing, to talking about how you should have gone pro, to one of you throwing up and taking care of the other.



Your Boss:


Send them a note saying you are having a well dug in a third world country in their name. The catch? Don’t actually do it. They will think your weird but they will never suspect that you want their job.



Ex Girlfriend:


Send a note that says “Thank you for your absence. I continue to smile!” Be sure to send a picture of you smiling. Maybe with your new girl.


If this is a girl that you still want to bang, don’t send a picture. Send a pack of different flavor condoms with a note that says “Your choice!”.



Secret Santa at Work:


You know all those gifts you get from family or friends that you don’t want? The ones that most likely end up in your closet or in storage?.. Well, here’s the chance to pay it forward. Give your co-worker that gummy worm – filled animal head you don’t want.



Holidays 2016


Good Luck



Until Next Time