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Quiet Vacaition


How often do you take a vacation to get away from the stresses of life or your job?


What if I told you that you could take a vacation everyday. Even several times a day.


Lets say you’re having a stressful day. Things are getting heavy, and it’s getting to be too much in your head.


Let me show you how to take a quiet vacation in 5 minutes or less


How to take a quiet vacation. Step by Step



Remove all distractions.


Turn off your phone.


Close your computer.


Be alone.


Keep a picture, of a vacation you have taken when you were happy, or a dream vacation spot. Put it somewhere you will go when your day is getting heavy. The visor of you car, a frame on your computer desk, a notebook, anywhere you will visit it often and it is visible.


Close your eyes.


Just Go There.


Imagine the sights.


See the sights.


Feel the sights.


Hear the sounds.


Smell the smells.


Feel how you would feel being there. (Or how you felt when you were there)


BREATH (The most important part)


Breathing deep stretches your muscles and helps you relax.


In this moment, don’t think about anything but where you are on your vacation.


Be there.


Be in the moment.


See… Smell… Hear… FEEL..


Take a deep breath.


Breathe In.


Breath Out.


Open Your Eyes.



Until Next Time



Do You Have a “Disease”?


Men Drinking


I was asked recently what my biggest flaw was.


I sat there thinking. Not because I don’t have flaws, but because I don’t know what my biggest one was.


I finally answered, “I drink!”


They asked “How does that affect you?”


Sometimes I don’t get work done because I’m out drinking. Sometimes when I drink too much I have trouble waking up in the morning.


I drink. Not often, but at least once a week.


I used to drink for no reason. That was never good. Always lead to emotional drinking and over drinking. I admit I knew it was a problem.


Then I made the choice to stop and just drink socially, or as a reward for accomplishing a goal. But never again in a non-happy situation.


I’m an alcoholic!


Not my words. But I have been called an alcoholic.


I don’t think I have a problem. But if I do, I’m a man! I can make the choice to stop.


So I took a step just to prove a point to myself.


I went to an alcoholics anonymous meeting a few weeks ago. I wanted to know if I really do have a problem.


I listened to people get up there and tell their stories.


But I did not tell mine.


I’ve been there. When i was young. Never as a MAN!


Is drinking my disease?


I heard a gentlemen say that drinking nearly destroyed his life.


He woke up one morning, looked around, and was laying on the floor outside of his home, with no recollection of how he got there.


He said after that day, he decided never to touch another drop of alcohol again. Been sober for 2 years.


2 Years and he still felt the need to attend alcoholics anonymous meeting for fear of relapse.


I heard a lot of them talking about taking things one day at a time.


That’s Bullshit!


You make a decision, and you take charge of your life.


You don’t need a higher power to help you.


You don’t need a sponsor.


The guy that had been sober for 2 years is weak! He’s not a man. He easily made the choice to stop! He can easily make the choice to never start again. But it seemed like he just needed that pain.


People need to stop drowning themselves in a sea of self pity to make themselves feel good, or important.


What you need is strength of mind, willpower, and character.


Alcoholism is NOT a disease. This applies to everything in life.


Addiction is NOT a disease. Laziness is NOT a disease. Being poor is NOT a disease. You name it, many problems that there are support groups for, are NOT diseases! They’re choices!




And people have turned it into a church. They worship the alter of self pity.


Self Pity
Losers feel sorry for themselves


I drink. But it’s not a disease!


I left that place with one thing on my mind. I’ve just seen what I don’t want to become.


Helpless, Impotent, and Weak.


A Loser!


Don’t be that person! Don’t be weak!


Be a man! You have to be determined to fight.


Just make the choice! And Do It!



See you next time

– Geo

Happy New Years
Happy New Years



New years is upon us. 2016 is ending and 2017 is beginning. What do you want to accomplish this year. Play hooky from work more often? Be a better father? A better son? Drink less? Drink more? Let me share some things I’m doing that you may want to think about doing.



Geo’s New Years Resolutions for 2017


Go hands free while driving: There’s always something to be done or read online. A big bad habit is checking the phone while driving. Put the thing away in the glove compartment or center console while driving. Wear a bluetooth for when receiving calls.



Stop reminiscing: Everything good that has happened to you has happened at the right time. But you are living in the NOW. So stop looking back or thinking about the ‘good old days’ or ‘the best time of your life’. Guess what? You are here. Stop looking back and move forward. Live in the moment and make some memories.



Grow Up: By that I mean stop abbreviating and using emojis when texting or emailing. Leave that to the kids.



Drink like a Gentleman: Cut down on the beer. In fact, ditch the beer. Save the calories. Save the money. Grab a bottle of a many drink. (whiskey, scotch, etc.) If you must drink, pour yourself a glass on rocks and gradually sip on it. Preferably while doing something productive.



Say Sir: You are a man. Not a college kid or a high school kid. Stop calling your friends ‘dude’ or ‘bro’.



Be more positive: find something to compliment every time you meet someone or when you see a friend or family member. It feels a lot better than complaining or criticizing something and they will remember it.



Leave earlier to get there on time: It’s southern California, theres always traffic. Plan and make arrangements to arrive on time everywhere you go. That means 15 minutes early. Got an appointment at 8? Make sure you are there by 7:45



If you’re not working or being productive, go to sleep earlier: Nothing good happens after 11pm. Go to sleep and start the day strong tomorrow. The earlier the better. This should make waking up at 5am everyday a lot easier.



Until Next Time



Perfect Body


As a man, you have to have a the perfect body type. A great body Don’t have one yet? Work on it That’s one surefire way to get respect.


But besides the respect aspect, a great body has to be able to perform to take on the any challenge life throws your way. And I’m not just talking about fighting.


A great body have 3 things. Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. Make sure your workouts include a healthy dose of each of these to guarantee results.


The Perfect Body Type




Long Distance Runner


If you only focus on endurance, you will have the body of a sprinter or long distance runner. You need to have endurance so you don’t get tired doing anything. Whether it’s working a physical job, playing with your kids, going on hikes, or just living life in general; you need to have endurance.


Workout: Run, treadmill, walk, swim, ride a bike, play basketball or any other sport, whatever you choose just make sure you are constantly moving at a higher heart rate than normal for an extended period of time in order to get cardio exercise. Not only does this help your endurance but it will help keep your heart healthy and help you lose weight.






If you only focus on strength, you will have the body of a bodybuilder. As a man you need to be strong. You must be able to defend yourself and your family in any situation. And you must be able to physically do things like moving heavy objects, or opening a jar for your woman.


Workout: No question about it you have to work out with weights. Don’t waste your time on assisted machines. Be a man and work out with weights. Not strong enough yet? Oh well! Start with small weights and work your way up. Don’t be ashamed for making gains. Work out with weights to build muscle and spike your metabolism. This will keep your body and your bones strong.






There’s no way around this! If you just work out your strength and endurance, you will most likely be as stiff as a board. Most men don’t work on their flexibility because they think it’s gay. They imagine things like yoga (which is totally effective by the way), which they think only women should do. However, having a kid I noticed that there are many things a kid can do that us as grown men should be able to do. We should be able to move freely. And the only way to do that is to work on our flexibility.


Workout: Im not going to pretend the be and expert on flexibility. I do yoga on occasion which really helps and I recommend. Other than that, make sure you stretch before and after your workouts. This improves your performance and reduces the risk of injury.


Want to take it a step further, I recently purchased a program from movement coach, and I must say WOW! I can definitely see results. Another great (albeit) more popular movement coach is Ido Portal.


Can’t afford a movement coach or their program, this workout by Victor Pride is also a great one. Check it out.


That being said, I’m working on having the perfect body type that incorporates all 3 of these aspects. Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. I don’t want to look like a long distance runner (lacking stregnth and muscle definition), I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder (lacking endurance and flexibility), and I don’t just want to be flexible (like a woman).


Who has a perfect body? Fighters! Look at the sport of MMA. Most fighters have effective bodies. They are strong, can go a hard 5 rounds, and are flexible enough in their submission attempts.


I noticed their body types are fit. They have muscle definition. The have abs. They have big arms. The have big shoulders. They have big chests. They don’t have a big back. They don’t necessarily care about being big and buff. They want to be able to perform.


As a man, Perfection has to be the goal.


Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor



Jay Kulina
Jay Kulina


Have a body that can do anything!



Until Next Time




Positive Thinking


The Secret. The power of positive thinking. If you’ve ever read the book or seeing the movie, you will know what i’m talking about.


The Secret is loosely based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; which I highly recommend. Every adult should read it. As a matter of fact it should be a requirement in all high schools.


But that’s neither here nor there.


The Secret focuses on the power of positive thinking. Thoughts become things is a mantra. Think positive thoughts and your will see positive results in your life.


It’s true!


It’s very easy to think positive. However, it’s even easier to be negative. It’s easy to talk yourself out of any challenge or risk in life; which is why most people never accomplish anything. If you’re scared or being negative about things, your can’t fake it. Negativity is always obvious. It shows up in your facial expressions, the way you talk, your posture, your tone of voice, and just how you carry yourself in general. If you don’t believe in yourself, believe me, the world will know.


This is the Opposite of The Secret!


Self doubt and negative thoughts are obvious because they have physical response. Whether you know it or not, you tense up. Your muscles get tense which screws with your coordination and timing. No matter how small, it’s noticeable.


What can you do to overcome negativity? Here are 2 solutions that helped me in my everyday life.


  1. Don’t Ignore Your Negative Thoughts. Respect Them!


Find out what is holding you back. Then put them in the background. DO NOT try to fight them. Don’t try to fake it. The more you fight your negative thoughts, the more they come back. So instead of trying to fight them or suppress them, just keep them as background noise. A great way to do this is to take out a piece of paper, write your negative thought, your issue, or your problem on it and put it away. Leave your problem on the paper. Take it out when you are ready to face it or throw it away if it’s something miniscule.


2. Call It Something Else


This is not faking it, this is making it something else. Instead of seeing things as challenges or problems, see them as opportunities. Don’t say to yourself “Uh Oh. I’m Nervous”. Instead say to yourself “I’m excited!” or “I’m psyched to get this done!” This doesn’t change the challenge, but it changes your perspective and your mindset. You go from Watch yourself to Let’s get it on. Then your adrenaline turns into positivity.



There you have it. The Secret! Stop being a Negative Nancy and focus on the positive.



Conquer the World!



Until next time




3 Painful Failures Every Man Should Experience


Every man has challenges in life. You can’t live life without having any negative experiences. Here are 3 Painful Failures or Life experiences that I think every man should have to go through, that helped shape me into a successful man.


3 Painful Failures Every Man Should Experience



Failing at a Job

This is a tricky one. I don’t think I have failed at any job. I have always done my best at any job I’ve had. Most of them have been sales. However there was one job I had selling insurance, for Fred Loya Insurance, that changed my perspective. From the moment I started, my goal was to become the manager of whatever office I was working at. Mainly for resume purposes. (Way before I thought about working for myself.) I always wanted to be the best. Well, I was the best. I was the best salesman in my office for months on end.


But I never got promoted.


New hires became managers before I even had the chance. Apparently the company thought I was a way better salesman than I would be manager. Can you believe that? Hindsight, I guess, 20/20, I could sell better than I could teach other people how to sell. I got sick of not being appreciated for what I could do that I decided to strike out on my own.


I failed in the corporate world! So I struck out to making my own corporation. My own empire.


Long Term Breakup


There’s no worse feeling than a broken heart. I don’t mean to sound like a woman. I was that guy. I was the guy who used to make fun of chick flicks. I would think that any man that lets a woman get him down was weak. I used to talk shit about those guys.


Then it happened to me!


I went through the stages of a breakup and I came out better for it. Now there is nothing that another human could do or say to me that will bring me down.


The most negative emotional thing a man could go through is a bad breakup. If you can get through that, you can get through anything.


Losing a Loved One


I’ve lost loved ones by choice and by unavoidable circumstances. Let me tell you, there’s no worse feeling than losing someone you love by unavoidable circumstances. When a loved on dies, especially someone who inspires you or you look up to, you feel inspired.


The key is to not lose that inspiration.


Write down what you are feeling in that moment. Write down what you always promised that person or what you set out to accomplish with that persons memory. Write it down and keep it with you at all times so you don’t lose inspiration.


It’s a double edged sword. Pain and Inspiration.


I’ve experienced these 3 things. And I attribute them to my success. Which is why I felt the need to share them with my fellow men.


Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments.



Until next time




To Do List



Did you achieve all your goals this year? Did you set any? Did you get things done? If so, what steps did you take to make them happen?


Yes you read that right. Steps.


You don’t get to the top of the ladder without climbing the steps. But sometimes we focus so much on what’s at the top, that we lose sight or motivation to get there.


There are many options to staying on track as well as keeping track of your progress.


I’ve never been a big fan of simple to do lists. They can get cluttered. And I don’t like vision boards, they just focus on the end result. I forget about phone notes. So what do I do.


I use an action board. It’s pretty much just a big visual to do list. But it works for me.


Action Board


I call it SWIFT. Study the picture above and you will get the idea


It consists of 5 Categories.


Social – This is any potential money makers. Hobbies/ Websites/ Contacts/ etc…


Work – This is anything that is bringing you money RIGHT NOW! Your job/ business/ etc..


Inner – Self Help, Mindset, and family. Whether it’s reading books, watching documentaries, spending time with family, going to church, etc. This is something that helps your inner self and makes you feel good.


Financial – This is your money issues. If you have a budget this is where you make sure you are following it. Check your savings and make sure you are paying off your debts.


Take Care Of – This is your physical goals. Your workouts, your diet, supplements, etc.



Personal Action Board
This is the actual action board i use.



I set 6 goals weekly in each category and don’t set new ones until they are all done. That’s 30 small goals a week. It sounds like a lot but it really isn’t.


I focus on one goal per category each day. 5 things to get done each day that make progress. Some are small and take less than 5 minutes. Could be a simple phone call or and email blast. You will find yourself setting up some things you may take for granted otherwise.


1 Goal per day in each category. Have at least 5 or 6 queued up for the rest of the week in each category. If there are interruptions or unexpected consequences, put them in the interruptions section and get those done ASAP! Before moving on.


Once your list is done, REWARD YOURSELF!


There’s no better feeling on a when Saturday comes and your ‘list’ is empty. DONE!


So why not reward yourself?


You will see progress and you will be that much closer to your goals. I guarantee it!!


Until Next Time





How To Stay Motivated

Ready to get things done?


We all have goals. Or at least we should. It’s easy to get motivated, but it’s even easier to get demoralized. Sometimes we can get frustrated that we’re not where we want to be. Or you may be thinking ‘success’ is taking forever. Let me tell you the secret to actually get things done and reach your goals.


Focus on the journey, not the destination.


Sometimes you can get so caught up on the main goal, that you lose focus on the action steps to get there. Do not focus on the desired result, focus on the specific actions that you are taking to get there.


Let me give you an example: Want to lose weight? Don’t focus on how much you want to weigh, focus on your exercise plan and diet. Want to make more money? Focus on what you are doing to make more money instead of focusing on how much money you want.


Make a list of smaller specific goals and achieve as many of them as you can. You will see progress much much faster than when you just focus on the end game. You see progress when you don’t just focus on the result.


When you see progress, such as you losing weight or you income increasing, you tend to stay motivated. It’s very encouraging.


Whether it’s a to do list, a journal, a board, notes; however you want to keep track, Set Goals and Achieve Them. You will always stay motivated.



See you next time




Welcome Back!! After a 3 month hiatus due to personal issues I’m proud to announce that determined to fight is officially back!! So much has happened within the last 3 months and so many life lessons have been learned. Check back in for daily updates and life lessons. We will also be on youtube soon sharing life stories and lessons.


We Are Back!


Determined to Fight!


Stay Tuned!

Will You Ever Be Successful?


Will You Ever Be Successful



If you have to ask that question, then NO. You will never be successful. You are too worried about “finding” success or “trying” to be successful that you are not working at it. You can’t worry about when you will be successful, all you have to do it keep working and hustling and success will find you when it finds you. You won’t even know it. But if you keep waiting for it or looking for it, it will never happen.


Will You Ever Be Successful?




You’re either a talker, or a doer!


The talker spends most of his time talking and planning about their DREAMS because that’s exactly what they are, dreams. They just make excuses, they bullshit themselves into believing they are making progress, always thinking “Someday my dream will come.” Never knowing that all it takes, is taking that first step.


But if you’re asking, then you haven’t taken it. One day you’re going to wake up and realized it never happened. It never will because all of the sudden they are old. Nothing ever happened and if you waited that long then it never will because you were never going to do it anyway. It will all be in your memory while you’re still waiting for retirement from your boring 9-5 thinking; “I could have been something” for the rest of your life.


Stop Talking. All it takes if the first step.


Want to start a website: Buy a domain and build the damn thing!


Want to start a T-shirt business: Buy some t-shirts, brand them, and sell them!


Want to start a cab company: Put a down payment on a Ford Crown Victoria and put the asses in seats!


Want to be a plumber: Buy your tools, get the customers!


Whatever it is you want to do, DO IT! Take that first step. Straighten up and realize it is not that hard. Don’t just talk about it. In fact, NEVER mention it to anyone. When you tell people your plans it gives you a sense of accomplishment as if you already achieved something. That is a lose-lose deal. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to wait until the right time.


You could do it any time you want to!


But if you have to ask, you will never be successful!


The Do-er spends most of his time working on his GOALS. Making his dreams real. He took that first step and just never stops. He will be a winner!


Are you a talker or a do-er?


Till next time…