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Whether we want to admit it or not, we have a serious drinking problem. And I’m not just talking about alcohol. There’s a reason why 74 percent of men in America are fat or getting fat. There’s a reason why a record number of kids are overweight or have diabetes.


And it’s not just food. It’s what we drink. The juices. The sodas. The milk shakes. Your sugar filled starbucks coffee that you love so much. None of that is good for us.


What to Drink, and What Not To Drink


Here 3 Things You Should be Drinking Everyday, Number of things you should drink on occasion, and number of things you should Never drink.




Drink Everyday


Water: For most of human history we drank only water. Our bodies are composed mainly of water. We need water to keep us hydrated. It is essential for our bodies.


Tea: Tea is very healthy. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants that help fight cancer. It also has zero calories. As long as you don’t load it with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Stick to natural tea bags. Avoid bottled teas. Except these.


Coffee: Black coffee is the best. Not sweetened with sugars or creamers. If you must add anythings, make it a bulletproof coffee. Add some grass-fed, unsalted butter, and some coconut oil or mct oil.


I like Onnit’s MCT oil because it is flavored and gives the coffee a hint of flavor.


Stay away from starbucks or big chain coffee franchises. At least from their sugary signature drinks. They can be loaded with sugar and carbs. Unnecessary calories.


Keep it simple. It takes some getting used to, but black coffee is the best.






Drinks on Occasion


Alcohol: We all like to indulge every once in a while. But a lot of times we over-indulge. Studies show that 1 or 2 drinks a day can reduce the risk of heart disease. But not just any drink.


Red wine seems to be the best.


Keep it to 1 or 2 drinks per day if you must drink. Alcohol is loaded with empty calories and carbs.


Diet Sodas: Sure diet sodas usually don’t contain many calories, 5 at most. But have you ever read the ingredient labels? What are all those chemicals you are ingesting into your body? If you don’t know the effects they can have on your body, don’t drink so much of it. If anything, drink 1 or 2 diet sodas per week.


Juice: I don’t mean natural fruit juice like fresh squeezed orange juice, I’m talking about most bottled juices. Many bottled or boxed juices have a ton of added sugar. That’s not good for the body. Do yourself a favor, get your juice freshly squeezed. Or just eat some fruit.






Avoid Drinking


Bottled Teas: Most bottled teas are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Stay away. If you have to drink bottled teas, stick to Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea.


Sodas: Most sodas are high in sugar and high in calories.


Flavored coffees from coffee shops: These can have way more sugar than the average person needs in a day. That’s unwanted calories, unwanted carbs, unwanted sugars. This leads to fat. Make your own coffee.



Watch what you put in your body.



See you next time




Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea



Multiple studies have shown that tea is one of the best drinks to drink. But sometimes there’s just not enough time for you to make your own tea. Even though it only takes a couple minutes to boil water, pour it in a cup, and put the tea bag in.


We always make excuses. Sometimes it’s just easier to buy a drink at the store while grocery shopping.


After drinking many green teas and seeing their ingredients, these are the top 2 bottled green teas I recommend.


The Best Bottled Green Tea


Honest Organic Honey Green Tea
Honest Organic Honey Green Tea


Honest Tea Organic Honey Green Tea


This is the best tasting of the healthy bottled green teas. When it comes to health and taste, this is definitely the winner. It’s low in calories and moderate sugar. It has about 74 calories, 97 grams of caffeine, and it tastes great.


Get it from amazon HERE



Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea with Ginseng
Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea with Ginseng


Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea


If you’re strictly about health, this is the number 1 bottled green tea. It has no calories, no carbs, and it also tastes great. Not as sweet as the honest tea, but great none the less. If you’re transitioning, start with the honest tea. Arizona can be an acquired taste but it’s delicious and healthy. It’s the closest thing to real green tea that you can get.



If you’re like me and don’t like hot tea, then this is the best option.


Get it from Amazon HERE



I don’t want you to think that I’m just trying to make money from you guys, so get it from your local grocery stores.



That’s how much I love these teas.



See you next time




What's In An Energy Drink?


I used to drink a ton of energy drinks. So much to the point that I have become immune to their so called effects. I went from drinking them for the energy boost, to drinking them for the flavor. I love the taste of blue Monster and white Rockstar. There’s a reason energy drinks are so popular.



But have you ever read the labels. Ever wonder what’s in them and what the ingredients are supposed to do?



What’s In An Energy Drink?

5 Ingredients Found in The Most Common Energy Drinks


  1. Caffeine – This one is obvious. Every energy drink from coffee, to tea, to canned beverages has caffeine. It stimulates your central nervous system and boosts brain activity. It is safe in reasonable quantities. But too much can cause headaches. If you don’t drink caffeine regularly, stick to just 1 caffeinated drink per day,
  2. Glucose – Glucose is a sugar. Your body and brain runs smoothly on glucose. But there’s ways of doing it. Natural glucose from fruits and natural juices is the best. Too much artificial glucose like the kind in soft drinks and energy drinks is not healthy. Most energy drinks have too much. Stick to the low carb versions if you must indulge. Better yet, if you feel a little brain fog, drink a glass of natural fruit juice.
  3. Ginseng – This is a very healthy plant extract. That is why you see it in any bottled ‘healthy’ drinks such as green tea. It doesn’t necessarily boost your energy as much as improves your brain function. There’s hardly any way of getting too much ginseng since most energy drinks have a minimal amount.
  4. Taurine – This is an amino acid in the brain. My research showed that scientists still aren’t sure if it works or not. Scientists say it doesn’t pass through the membranes that protect the brain, so it’s effects are minimal, if at all. So this most likely does nothing as far as boosting energy.



I am not a doctor. And these are the most common ingredients I looked up. Do your research before putting things in your body.



My advice. Stick to black coffee. Better yet, Bulletproof coffee!



Until Next Time




3 Healthy alternatives to ketchup and mustard


Condiments can make or break the food you eat. They can make an unbearable meal perfect. Or they can ruin a perfect meal. If you are a foody, chances are you like ketchup and mustard.


I’m a hot sauce type of guy.


Here are 3 healthy alternatives to ketchup and mustard for people who like Hot Sauce.



As will all condiments, be sure to keep your serving sizes to a minimum. Just enough to add flavor to your food. But do not drown your food in it.


Sriracha Sauce
Sriracha Sauce


Sriracha: Sriracha goes great with almost everything. Not only is it delicious but it also has a few health benefits. Capsaicin, a key ingredient, has been known to help with headaches, inflammation, and cancer growth, help improve metabolism, and weight loss.



Frank's Red Hot
Frank’s Red Hot


Franks Red Hot: Franks Red Hot is another delicious hot sauce that you can add if your healthy food, such as brown rice, begins to get little bland. You must be careful with this one though as the sodium content is a little on the high side, so I recommend it mostly during bulking or on a carb day. Studies show that eating hot sauce or peppers will boost your endorphins. So if your ‘diet’ is ruining your mood, add some red hot and you will feel happier because this will enhance your serotonin levels, which help improve mood and memory.



Tabasco Sauce
Tabasco Sauce


Tabasco Sauce: Tabasco sauce will go good with many things, mainly pizza. The great thing about this sauce is that it doesn’t contain any calories and has zero grams of fat, so it is great for healthy eating. It has a unique and intense flavor, making it one of my primary go-to sauces.



While these 3 sauces are great, keep in mind your serving sizes. Though they will add flavor, don’t add so much that the sodium content will get too high, causing your body to retain more water.






Until Next Time




4 Best Carbs to Keep You From Overeating
Best Carbs to Keep You From Overeating


Sometimes you just need those carbs. Low carb high protein diets definitely work. But every now and then, especially when first starting, your morale may be low, your energy may be low, your stomach may feel empty. All normal symptoms.


This can also have negative effects on your brain function; due to the body adjusting. So carbs will be a necessity. However keep it to healthy carbs and keep the portions small.



The 5 Best Carbs to Keep You From Overeating.




Almonds – These are the best nuts to eat. Especially during a bulking phase. Almonds have a 1-1 ratio of proteins to carbs. 1 cup of almonds will net you 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of complex carbs. Keep it to a handful.


Oat Bran
Oat Bran


Oatmeal or Oat Bran – Oats have 14 grams of fiber per 1 cup serving. This will help keep you full longer. A great breakfast option.




Quinoa – Quinoa contains the same type of protein that helps build muscle. It’s a healthier option than brown rice. Quinoa will take the flavor of whatever you cook it in. I like to make it with chicken broth. A great option for breakfast or lunch.


Black Beans
Black Beans


Black Beans – Black beans have a 3-1 carbs to protein ratio. Beans have a ton of healthy nutrients. The can be eaten as a side, or you can put it in your salad.



Eat your carbs at your own risk. The best time to eat them is in the morning, since you will have the rest of the day to burn them. They will be a good source of energy, and you need energy earlier in the day than you do at night.



Until Next Time




The Best Tea to Drink



It’s no secret that tea is one of the best drinks on the planet. Lots of health benefits and hardly any calories. But tea is often associated with women. So when a man drinks tea, he is refereed to as feminine or a punk.


Who cares what people think. Drink Tea!


The Best Tea To Drink


Chamomile – It tastes good and studies show that it helps you fall asleep.


Green Tea – This is the most popular tea among health nuts. And for good reason. Studies show that it’s packed with antioxidants. This can improve brain function and make you smarter and reduce risks of various cancers. But the main reason people love it, It helps burn fat, promotes weight loss, and help your physical performance. There are many people that swear by it. And I’m one of them.


It’s always best to make your tea at home. Obviously tea bags and hot water. However, you’re pinched for time, the best alternative I can recommend it Arizona Green Tea Zero available at most grocery stores.


Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea
Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea



Watch the sweeteners and sugar. Try to limit these. If possible, don’t use any at all. You don’t want to ruin the health benefits. Tea tastes good by itself.



Remember: Tea is only tea if it just tea.



Until Next Time




The Number 1 Snack to Keep at All Times While Dieting



It’s very easy to break a diet or to overeat. You’re always hungry. You want to snack. It’s very easy to be undisciplined.


But if you are disciplined, this should not be a problem. The key is to eliminate temptations. If you have to snack, keep it healthy. If you’re going to overeat, make it something healthy. How can you do this?


No Carbs!


It should be something that eliminates hunger and spikes your energy levels. That means no carbs, and plenty of protein. So typical snacks are out. What should you eat?

The Number 1 Snack to Keep at All Times While Dieting


The Number 1 Snack Hard Boiled Eggs
The Number 1 Snack Hard Boiled Eggs


That’s right! Hard boiled eggs. The staple of the perfect protein. It’s pretty hard to overeat. Especially if you eat the yolks too. A large hard boiled egg will give you about 78 calories and 6 grams of protein. The yolk has a B-Vitamin that breaks down fat for energy. Add a pea sized pinch of hot sauce or a dash of your favorite spice to keep it from becoming boring.



How to do it – Hard boil 12-20 eggs every few days and separate them in small portion sized tupperware. I like 3-4 at a time. Always have them handy. At home, the office fridge, the cooler while on the road, you name it. Feel hungry between meals, grab a few.



1 alternative is a low or non-carb protein drink. But i’d stick with eggs.


There are other alternatives for healthy snacks, but none better then hard boiled eggs.



Until Next Time




Perfect Body


As a man, you have to have a the perfect body type. A great body Don’t have one yet? Work on it That’s one surefire way to get respect.


But besides the respect aspect, a great body has to be able to perform to take on the any challenge life throws your way. And I’m not just talking about fighting.


A great body have 3 things. Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. Make sure your workouts include a healthy dose of each of these to guarantee results.


The Perfect Body Type




Long Distance Runner


If you only focus on endurance, you will have the body of a sprinter or long distance runner. You need to have endurance so you don’t get tired doing anything. Whether it’s working a physical job, playing with your kids, going on hikes, or just living life in general; you need to have endurance.


Workout: Run, treadmill, walk, swim, ride a bike, play basketball or any other sport, whatever you choose just make sure you are constantly moving at a higher heart rate than normal for an extended period of time in order to get cardio exercise. Not only does this help your endurance but it will help keep your heart healthy and help you lose weight.






If you only focus on strength, you will have the body of a bodybuilder. As a man you need to be strong. You must be able to defend yourself and your family in any situation. And you must be able to physically do things like moving heavy objects, or opening a jar for your woman.


Workout: No question about it you have to work out with weights. Don’t waste your time on assisted machines. Be a man and work out with weights. Not strong enough yet? Oh well! Start with small weights and work your way up. Don’t be ashamed for making gains. Work out with weights to build muscle and spike your metabolism. This will keep your body and your bones strong.






There’s no way around this! If you just work out your strength and endurance, you will most likely be as stiff as a board. Most men don’t work on their flexibility because they think it’s gay. They imagine things like yoga (which is totally effective by the way), which they think only women should do. However, having a kid I noticed that there are many things a kid can do that us as grown men should be able to do. We should be able to move freely. And the only way to do that is to work on our flexibility.


Workout: Im not going to pretend the be and expert on flexibility. I do yoga on occasion which really helps and I recommend. Other than that, make sure you stretch before and after your workouts. This improves your performance and reduces the risk of injury.


Want to take it a step further, I recently purchased a program from movement coach, and I must say WOW! I can definitely see results. Another great (albeit) more popular movement coach is Ido Portal.


Can’t afford a movement coach or their program, this workout by Victor Pride is also a great one. Check it out.


That being said, I’m working on having the perfect body type that incorporates all 3 of these aspects. Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. I don’t want to look like a long distance runner (lacking stregnth and muscle definition), I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder (lacking endurance and flexibility), and I don’t just want to be flexible (like a woman).


Who has a perfect body? Fighters! Look at the sport of MMA. Most fighters have effective bodies. They are strong, can go a hard 5 rounds, and are flexible enough in their submission attempts.


I noticed their body types are fit. They have muscle definition. The have abs. They have big arms. The have big shoulders. They have big chests. They don’t have a big back. They don’t necessarily care about being big and buff. They want to be able to perform.


As a man, Perfection has to be the goal.


Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor



Jay Kulina
Jay Kulina


Have a body that can do anything!



Until Next Time




Best Nuts to Eat


Any good diet or eating plan you come across has healthy carbs and fats in it. A great snack is Nuts but what are the best nuts to eat?


One of the most common is Almonds. They contain at least 7 grams of mono-saturated fat, and at least 3 grams of fiber (depending on the brand and processing). This is beneficial in that it helps reject heart disease.


There are many benefits to eating almonds. A simple google search will tell you that.


However as great as they are, they can get a little boring.Here are 4 other healthy alternatives that will help cure your hunger the way almonds do, at the same time curing your sweet tooth.


4 Of the Best Nuts To Eat


Walnuts – Walnuts are a great source of omega 3’s, which can help fight off depression.


Pistachios – There’s a plant cholesterol in pistachios called Phytosterols that helps reduce the bad cholesterol.


Pecans – Adding pecans in your life can help reduce cancer. Even different diseases. They have the most antioxidants of any other nuts.


Brazil Nuts – These nuts pack a lot of Selenium. This helps men fight inflammation and colon cancer. Not only that, they are delicious.


These nuts are all delicious. They are a good source of fiber, proteins, and healthy mono-saturated fats.


Remember to keep your servings to about one handful per day.




I stick to almonds because I eat for fuel, not comfort. But every now and then when I crave an alternative, I pick one of these 4.


For more tips come back to Determined To Fight


Until Next Time



How to Keep Your Abs During Winter



Winter is here. That means the holidays are coming up soon. It doesn’t take much to get out of shape during this season. But it also doesn’t take much to stay in shape. Follow these 3 rules to stay in shape. Or to lose weight if you need it.


How to Keep Your Abs During Winter



1: Don’t Skip Cardio (1 Hour a WEEK)

CARDIO! A dreaded word. No one really looks forward to doing cardio. Well except for sprinters and triathletes. Well lets face it, no one in the everyday world looks forward to cardio. But as long as you push yourself, it doesn’t have to be long and boring. You don’t have to run or jog for and hour.


In fact, many studies show that doing as little as 20 minutes of interval sprints (30-60 seconds sprint, 30-60 second jog or any other combination of alternatives) burns more fat than if you just jog or do any cardio machine at a steady pace for an hour. If you’re not super tired at the end of each sprint, you’re doing it wrong.


20 minutes at 1 minute sprints and 1 minute jogs should give you 8-10 reps. Aim for 3 times a week. Thats 1 measly hour of cardio a week. But trust me. It’s worth it.



2: Weights

If you really hate working out, hit the weights at least 2 days a week. Hit your upper body on one day (Chest, Shoulders, Arms), and your lower body on another day (Legs, Butt, Glutes).


(If you like working out, do at least 3 weight days (non cardio days). Rest at least one day a week.


  • Do at least 2 sets of each exercise. 8-10 reps for strength (higher weight), 12-15 reps for weight (lower weight)
  • Keep your rest periods under a minute. Preferably 30 seconds.
  • Durning ‘rest periods’, do some body weight exercises. Pushups or burpees are recommendable. Aim for 15 reps or 30 seconds non stop.

3: The Diet (Also read: Lifestyle)

You may have wondered why there’s no “abs” section. Well that’s because 90% of abs workouts, or six pack, consists of what you put in your body, not the exercises. You can have the perfect ab workout, but if you eat like crap, you will never have a six pack.


Mike Dolce of The Dolce Diet says “Don’t Count Calories, Make Calories Count.” This couldn’t be any more true. Maintaining your weight or keeping it off is all about calories in vs. calories out. If you eat a lot (even ‘healthy’ food) but you sit on the couch all day watching TV, no doubt you’re going to get fat. But if you live an active lifestyle, of course you need those calories. Follow these 4 rules and you’ll be fine.


    • Eat breakfast. I try to live by the ketogenic lifestyle, after going through the steak and eggs diet (more on that later). So I don’t eat too many carbs. And I usually don’t eat my first meal until about noon or 1 pm. But on the days I need to carb up, I have carbs with my breakfast. It boosts your metabolism and gives you the energy to power through the morning.
    • Geo’s Carb Up Breakfast. An egg or and egg white, with a slice of turkey breast, on a slice of whole wheat.
    • – Other recommended breakfasts: Mike Dolce Breakfast Bowl, and Uncle Vic’s Low Carb Breakfast Bowl. (Stay tuned on DTF for comparison and recipes.)
    • Eat whatever you want just be smart about it. Key words, portion control. If you find yourself feeling guilty about what your about to eat, control the portion. A good way to do this is to buy single serving tupperware. So some research, find the correct portions for your ‘perfect size’ meal and keep them with you. I recommend six pack bags 20 oz tupperware. Perfect size and durable. Just eat whatever fits. But don’t exaggerate (read: try to pack it overstuff it)
    • If you must eat out, keep it on check. Going to subway, grab the six inch instead of the footlong. Burger Joint, eat the burger, not the fries. Pizza place, just have 2 slices, not 4. Restaurant, skip the appetizers; Get a to go box and immediately pack half of your meal. Sound simple? That’s because it is.
    • Watch your drinks. I would tell you to “Just drink water!” But we all know in this world, that’s a little tough. But stick to water at least 90% of the time. Aim for a gallon a day. If you must drink something sweet, try a twist of lemon in your gallon or water. Wan’t something even sweeter? (Store bought) STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR. It can go by many names. Always read the label. Get a diet soda. (no more than 1) Stay away from most juices. I recommend Arizona Zero Green Tea. Black Coffee or Bulletproof coffee is also great. It gets me through the day.
    • Eat a lot of nuts. If you need a pick me up, grab a handful of nuts. Many studies show that almonds are the best nuts to snack on but lets face it, they can get pretty boring. Here’s a list of different varieties of nuts that you can snack on. They all offer different health benefits. Just remember. Portion control. Limit it to just a handful between meals.



Keep these 3 Rules in mind ( I know, the ‘diet’ rule deserved its own article), and you will have no problem keeping your midsection on check this winter.



See You Next Time