How To Survive Your First Year in a Relationship




Your first year in a relationship is always going to have its ups and downs. Let me show you how to make those more ups than downs.


Remember: This timeline isn’t after you meet. It’s after you’ve been dating and you like each other enough to make it exclusive.


3 Weeks In


The getting-to-know-you stage in the hay should be over. It’s time to start experimenting. Just make sure both of you are on the same page.



3 Months In


Don’t let it get boring. Don’t let sleeping together turn into actually .. you know, sleeping together. Make sure you do things to make her want you. After a few months this will turn from passionate foreplay to things like fixing her lunch to doing the dishes, etc.. There are different things that will make her want to please you sexually than the normal sexual things you want to do. Find out what she wants and don’t let it get old.



6 Months In


You fight dirty. You apologize dirtier. Women will never admit that they are wrong. When she is mad she will hate you. But you know what comes with hate? Hate sex. Or make up sex. Whatever you want to call it. I’ll admit, this is some of the best sex you will ever have.



Even if you know you did anything wrong, for some reason there is nothing sexier than a guy who is willing to take the fall for a fight. This gives them the incentive to do uncompromising things later when she wants to take it back.



If you are a pro, you can get away without even apologizing. If you didn’t do anything wrong, and you touch her in the right places, you’ll have her realizing you didn’t do anything wrong, pleasuring you and her at the same time.



9 Months In


Flirt flirt flirt. Jealousy starts kicking in right about now. You may be innocently asking a waitress questions about food recommendations or making innocent conversations with one of her friends to break the ice, she will see it as you being a flirt. The secret? Be upfront about it and take it with you. Starting from celebrity crushes, don’t hide the fact of whatever girls you check out. Granted she may not look like the celebs you mention but being open about it it, she will start letting you know who she thinks is ‘hot’ or whatever it may be. Whether she really thinks this or not is not the point. The point is she is getting to know what is attracting you and will do her best to do that for you. If that doesn’t make you want her, then believe me you don’t really want her.



1 Year In


You Made It! You survived your first year in the relationship. First anniversary gift. What does she want? Is it money? Is it jewelry? Is it Diamonds? Who knows. What works? Marathons sex! Not at home. Go on vacation. Vegas?! That always work. Pamper your woman. Give her a day at the spa to pleasure her and relax her. Get her a sexy outfit and she will pleasure and relax you. Then take her to a nice restaurant and out for a night on the town to celebrate making in one year in. Which will end with both of you hot and ready back in your hotel room.



Until next time