How To Get Your Best Friend Back

How to get your best friend back
The Count of Monte Cristo


So you had a best friend and you lost them. You know how you get them back?


You Don’t. You find a new best friend. First you must ask yourself “What made them a best friend?”


Let me give you my example. I had a female best friend. Let’s just call her D. She was my best friend when I was about 21. She was my best friend because she was there for me when no one else was. She helped me get through a very bad breakup. She was there for me at a very bad point in my life and at the time I would say no matter what, I would do anything for her. She was my best friend. But then, things began happening in her life that I wasn’t really a part of. Bigger than me. Some things she would tell me about, others she wouldn’t. The point is she ended up moving. She hooked up with this guy and she ended up moving to Alaska of all places. She would still call me. A lot. Not everyday but we would keep in constant contact. She would tell me about her new life, her adventures, her trials and tribulations. Her fights with her boyfriend, the good times with her boyfriend. Everything. We kept in touch.


Then little by little, we grew distant. It went from a couple times a week to maybe once a week, once every 2 weeks, to once a month. Then eventually it just… stopped. My best friend. That’s my story.


I moved on. Maybe not moved on from the situation. Maybe subconsciously, but I moved on. This was a time in my life when I wanted friends. I needed friends. And without knowing I got close to another friend. We would watch fights a lot. Every weekend we would watch sports. UFC, Boxing, Football, everything. Then we would talk. We would talk sports then life in general usually over a few drinks. Then without knowing, slowly but surely we became good friends. Really good friends. To the point where I would consider him a brother. And to this day, it’s been about 7 or 8 years, I know I would do anything in my power for him and I know he would do anything for me. We’ve had situations where he’s done me favors I know family or other so-called friends wouldn’t do for me. I can say without a doubt, that’s best friend.


That is crazy.


Crazy because I only known him for about 10 years now. But we didn’t really start hanging out or talking until the end of 2007. I have some friends that I’ve known since elementary and middle school. But what I believe in is Loyalty over Seniority. Yes I may have known them longer, but my friend Jose has always been loyal. Since we became friends he’s always been there. Even though our lives have changed since, he has a family now, I have a family now. He has his kids, I have mine. We may not hang out every weekend like we used to, but he still keeps in touch. He still wonders how I’m doing, I still check up on him as well. That’s a friend. That’s a homie. That’s blood. Maybe not physical, but Blood nonetheless.


I lost someone who was my best friend for a time. But I gained the experience. Maybe without that I wouldn’t have gained a friend. So just like with an ex, find a new, better one.


Until next time.