Will You Ever Be Successful?

Will You Ever Be Successful?


Will You Ever Be Successful



If you have to ask that question, then NO. You will never be successful. You are too worried about “finding” success or “trying” to be successful that you are not working at it. You can’t worry about when you will be successful, all you have to do it keep working and hustling and success will find you when it finds you. You won’t even know it. But if you keep waiting for it or looking for it, it will never happen.


Will You Ever Be Successful?




You’re either a talker, or a doer!


The talker spends most of his time talking and planning about their DREAMS because that’s exactly what they are, dreams. They just make excuses, they bullshit themselves into believing they are making progress, always thinking “Someday my dream will come.” Never knowing that all it takes, is taking that first step.


But if you’re asking, then you haven’t taken it. One day you’re going to wake up and realized it never happened. It never will because all of the sudden they are old. Nothing ever happened and if you waited that long then it never will because you were never going to do it anyway. It will all be in your memory while you’re still waiting for retirement from your boring 9-5 thinking; “I could have been something” for the rest of your life.


Stop Talking. All it takes if the first step.


Want to start a website: Buy a domain and build the damn thing!


Want to start a T-shirt business: Buy some t-shirts, brand them, and sell them!


Want to start a cab company: Put a down payment on a Ford Crown Victoria and put the asses in seats!


Want to be a plumber: Buy your tools, get the customers!


Whatever it is you want to do, DO IT! Take that first step. Straighten up and realize it is not that hard. Don’t just talk about it. In fact, NEVER mention it to anyone. When you tell people your plans it gives you a sense of accomplishment as if you already achieved something. That is a lose-lose deal. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to wait until the right time.


You could do it any time you want to!


But if you have to ask, you will never be successful!


The Do-er spends most of his time working on his GOALS. Making his dreams real. He took that first step and just never stops. He will be a winner!


Are you a talker or a do-er?


Till next time…