6 Lessons I Learned From My Son and Niece




Children can teach us many things. From being brutally honest about everything to not giving a fuck about anything.


Here are 6 lessons i learned from my son and my niece.


1.Eat breakfast


You will always have more energy to power through your day after eating a good breakfast. And you don’t always have to have a prize at the bottom of the box


2. Always tell the hard truth


Kids are brutally honest. As adults, sometimes we do not want to hurt people’s feelings. But you know what? It’s necessary. Don’t beat around the bush. Just be brutally honest. Granted my son is only 2 but he tells me what he likes and doesn’t like, when me or his mom are being ‘mean’, when he doesn’t want something, or when he’s just not happy.


3. Ask a lot of question


That’s how you learn things and figure things out.


4. Keep loyal friends


Childhood friends are usually the most loyal.


5. Just Jump In


My son is 2. I took him to the beach. He wanted to go in the water. When I took him, he didn’t dip his toes in to feel the temperature; he knew what he wanted to he just jumped in. So MEN; you want to do something?! Don’t test it, Just Do It!


6. Have Fun


They run, they jump, they lift things. Guess what? They don’t think of it as ‘working out’. They don’t think of it as ‘fitness’. They are just having fun.



We can learn a lot from kids. Heck even from our own childhood memories!


Until Next Time