5 Ways to Make a To Do List I Learned From Douglas Merrill

Douglas Merrill
Douglas Merrill


Having a to-do list is important. I first became interested in to do lists when I read a bio on Douglas Merrill.


A simple google search on to-do lists will give you many results but you will find that these 5 tips from Douglas Merrill are the most common.


5 Ways to Make a To Do List I Learned From Douglas Merrill


Tip 1: Write it Down – Writing it down makes it more likely to get done. People forget. Paper remembers.


Tip 2: Be Specific – Don’t be vague. Be as specific as you can and make sure it’s attainable. Not just a simple “Make a lot of money.” Also not “Make $100,000 in 3 months.” Be reasonable and realistic.


Tip 3: Date It – If you don’t have an end date, you will push it back further and further. Make it a goal to achieve by a certain date.


Tip 4: Make It GoodDon’t be negative about it. Instead of saying “Don’t eat this or that.” Instead say “My reward will be a Bacon Cheeseburger on Saturday if I stick to my eating plan all week.”


Tip 5: Keep it Simple – Keep goals for different areas of life, such as my SWIFT action board. Then learn to balance those goals and prioritize.



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