The Opposite of The Secret

Positive Thinking


The Secret. The power of positive thinking. If you’ve ever read the book or seeing the movie, you will know what i’m talking about.


The Secret is loosely based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; which I highly recommend. Every adult should read it. As a matter of fact it should be a requirement in all high schools.


But that’s neither here nor there.


The Secret focuses on the power of positive thinking. Thoughts become things is a mantra. Think positive thoughts and your will see positive results in your life.


It’s true!


It’s very easy to think positive. However, it’s even easier to be negative. It’s easy to talk yourself out of any challenge or risk in life; which is why most people never accomplish anything. If you’re scared or being negative about things, your can’t fake it. Negativity is always obvious. It shows up in your facial expressions, the way you talk, your posture, your tone of voice, and just how you carry yourself in general. If you don’t believe in yourself, believe me, the world will know.


This is the Opposite of The Secret!


Self doubt and negative thoughts are obvious because they have physical response. Whether you know it or not, you tense up. Your muscles get tense which screws with your coordination and timing. No matter how small, it’s noticeable.


What can you do to overcome negativity? Here are 2 solutions that helped me in my everyday life.


  1. Don’t Ignore Your Negative Thoughts. Respect Them!


Find out what is holding you back. Then put them in the background. DO NOT try to fight them. Don’t try to fake it. The more you fight your negative thoughts, the more they come back. So instead of trying to fight them or suppress them, just keep them as background noise. A great way to do this is to take out a piece of paper, write your negative thought, your issue, or your problem on it and put it away. Leave your problem on the paper. Take it out when you are ready to face it or throw it away if it’s something miniscule.


2. Call It Something Else


This is not faking it, this is making it something else. Instead of seeing things as challenges or problems, see them as opportunities. Don’t say to yourself “Uh Oh. I’m Nervous”. Instead say to yourself “I’m excited!” or “I’m psyched to get this done!” This doesn’t change the challenge, but it changes your perspective and your mindset. You go from Watch yourself to Let’s get it on. Then your adrenaline turns into positivity.



There you have it. The Secret! Stop being a Negative Nancy and focus on the positive.



Conquer the World!



Until next time