DeClutter Your Life

How to DeClutter Your Life

Declutter your life


If there’s one philosophy I’ve learned throughout the years that I believe, it’s K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid!


We don’t need a life, business or personal, full of clutter.


When you start a business, you do your research. You look up information. Sometimes you find too much information and things become overwhelming. You try to cram it all in, you start using all the ways people say you should start, you try to do all the things people say you should do and it becomes overwhelming. Then it becomes discouraging.



What you have to do is take it a step at a time.





For example, I run a carpet cleaning business. When I started I found so many ideas and forms such as different estimate forms, audit forms for both commercial customers and residential customers, service agreements, appointment forms, you name it, I found them, made them for my business, and printed them. I tried to use them all but it became too much.



When I decluttered my business life, I kept it to a minimum. I use the service agreement form as the estimate form and that became just one form for the customer to sign. Then they get a receipt. Simple.



I don’t spend time sending paperwork through mail anymore, having print, buy stamps, put them in envelopes and mail. Now it’s automated through email. Simple.



You can do the same thing with life. Don’t keep physical things because of “memories” or some shit like that. Memories are in your head. You’re just hoarding. Go through your closets, cabinets, your whole house, if there’s things you haven’t used in 6 months, you most like don’t need it.



Same thing with friends, don’t keep friends just because you’ve known them for a long time. If there are people that haven’t been positive influences in your life for a while, guess what, time to stop spending so much time with them.



A lot of things or people we have in life, we really don’t need. They add more to think about, which could lead to stress. Unnecessary!



So de-clutter your life.


Until Next Time…