5 Ways Life Gets In The Way of Workouts

5 Ways Life Gets In The Way of Workouts


You want to workout. You have a goal. But sometimes life gets in the way. Anything can keep you from going to the gym. But there’s always solutions.




5 Ways Life Gets In The Way of Workouts

And what to do about it.


One: You get injured – This is a big one. An injury can keep you from the gym for a while. But you have to get past it. Work on what you can and set a goal. Set a goal to be achieve by a certain date. The ability to run 5 miles non stop, do 100 pushups, do 50 pullups, you name it. Set a goal and a time. 6 months? A year? Set it and Achieve it.



Two: You got a new job – This is easy. Find the buff guy. The athlete. The gym rat. Find the person that works out. Make friends with them, and join them. Having a gym buddy will encourage you to work out and make you accountable.



Three: New girlfriendShe will take up a lot of your time. Why not take that time with her by being active. Not necessarily going to the gym. Go hiking with her. Go on bike rides. Play a sport. Just be active.



Four: You Move – As soon as you arrive at your new home, find and join the nearest gym. If you make it your first priority, you will be subconsciously committed to going.



Five: You have a baby – There’s no excuse. Of course kids will take up a lot of time. But they don’t take all your time. Work out less. 30 minutes instead of an hour. But make it more intense. Sprints instead of jogging. Supersets with minimal resting time instead of regular sets. High intensity workouts. Short but intense.



You have no excuse to miss workouts.



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