3 People to Win Over to Get The Girl

3 People to Win Over to Get The Girl


You and her! That’s all that should matter in a relationship. But the people in her life will be in her ear. They will tell her if you’re a good guy or not. And whether you like it or not, she will listen.



Here’s the 3 people you need to win over, and how to do it.



Her Father – All fathers think no man will ever be good enough for their daughters. They think that no man besides them will ever be able to take care of them. This is an easy win for you. First of all, don’t talk about how much money you make. Instead, ask his advice on finances, savings accounts, retirement funds, investment opportunities, things of that nature. It will impress him as well as making him see that you are financially responsible. Something he wants for his daughter.



Her Mother – Mothers are always scared that you’re going to take their little girl away from them. Ask her about her relationship with her husband. How long they’ve been married. How they celebrate anniversaries. It will show that you’re not just interested in a short time hookup, but rather a committed relationship with her daughter.



Her Best Friend – She’s just trying to protect her friend. And in her mind, you’re just like every other guy. Be her friend. But be honest about it. Ask for her opinions. Ask her what you could do to be a good fit for your girl. She will see that you mean the best for her friend and will think positive as she is giving you positive advice.



If you want to win over the girl, you must win her parents and her friend.



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