What’s In An Energy Drink?

What's In An Energy Drink?


I used to drink a ton of energy drinks. So much to the point that I have become immune to their so called effects. I went from drinking them for the energy boost, to drinking them for the flavor. I love the taste of blue Monster and white Rockstar. There’s a reason energy drinks are so popular.



But have you ever read the labels. Ever wonder what’s in them and what the ingredients are supposed to do?



What’s In An Energy Drink?

5 Ingredients Found in The Most Common Energy Drinks


  1. Caffeine – This one is obvious. Every energy drink from coffee, to tea, to canned beverages has caffeine. It stimulates your central nervous system and boosts brain activity. It is safe in reasonable quantities. But too much can cause headaches. If you don’t drink caffeine regularly, stick to just 1 caffeinated drink per day,
  2. Glucose – Glucose is a sugar. Your body and brain runs smoothly on glucose. But there’s ways of doing it. Natural glucose from fruits and natural juices is the best. Too much artificial glucose like the kind in soft drinks and energy drinks is not healthy. Most energy drinks have too much. Stick to the low carb versions if you must indulge. Better yet, if you feel a little brain fog, drink a glass of natural fruit juice.
  3. Ginseng – This is a very healthy plant extract. That is why you see it in any bottled ‘healthy’ drinks such as green tea. It doesn’t necessarily boost your energy as much as improves your brain function. There’s hardly any way of getting too much ginseng since most energy drinks have a minimal amount.
  4. Taurine – This is an amino acid in the brain. My research showed that scientists still aren’t sure if it works or not. Scientists say it doesn’t pass through the membranes that protect the brain, so it’s effects are minimal, if at all. So this most likely does nothing as far as boosting energy.



I am not a doctor. And these are the most common ingredients I looked up. Do your research before putting things in your body.



My advice. Stick to black coffee. Better yet, Bulletproof coffee!



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