How to Start Growing Your Money

How to Start Growing Your Money


We were all young once. Most likely irresponsible with the money in our wallet. It’s never too late to turn that around.


There are many ways to save money, get out of debt, and build wealth.


Let me show you 4 easy ways to start growing your money


Open a savings account – Separate some money every week or month to deposit and do not touch it. A good number is 10% of your earnings. Then watch your money grow.



Get out of debt – Separate a portion of your income to getting out of debt. Credit cards, loans, etc. I recommend 20% of you income. Why is this more than what you are saving? The sooner you get out of debt, the more you can save or spend. Plus you’ll avoid the interest rate, which will shrink your money instead or growing it.


Keep a budget book – Budget book, budget journal, whatever you want to call it. Just make sure you keep track of what you spend on what. You will be shocked on what you spend on unnecessary things like snacks or drinks. You will eventually break a few bad habits.


Have Goals and Rewards. – Like any goal, once you reach it, reward yourself. Take a vacation. Find out how much it will cost. You will be more likely to save that amount having that goal.


Now go get rich!!



Until next time