5 Types of Women You Should Meet

5 Types of Women You Should Meet
5 Types of Women You Should Meet


How many women have you gone out with? Were they all the same? It’s good to meet different kinds of people. But if you are always in the same neighborhoods or in the same hangouts, chances are most of the women you’ve dated have been of the same type of women.


That gets boring. It doesn’t allow you to evolve and you don’t know what you miss out on.



5 types of women you should meet before you settle down



The Sophisticated and Educated Hot Chick

This girl is smart, funny and hot. A perfect combination. She will joke with you and keep up with your sarcasm. She knows how to keep up a conversation. When you go somewhere with her, people will stare. Your friends will be jealous. This is the girl everyone wants. Having her makes you feel awesome. But fair warning: you need to be supremely confident to date this girl.



The Down to Earth Hot Chick

This girl is just a slight step down from the sophisticated, educated hot chick. She knows the good classy bars, as well as the good museums and shows with free wine. She likes smart guys. If you have nothing in common, or her interests don’t interest you, chances are this will not work out. Leaving her as just one of these.



The Vegetarian or Yoga Girl

I left out ‘Hot’ because these girls usually are. This girl takes really good care of herself. She will probably have great skin and a great physique. She’s also most likely into meditation and other spiritual journeys. Like the down to earth hot chick, you will most have to have the same interests in order to make a connection.



The ‘Needy’ Girl

This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on what you are looking for. She can be a little ‘in your face‘. Meaning she is always looking for the meaning of a relationship. Or trying to find signs and things like that. One great benefit is that she will be an awesome kisser. This girl is trying to settle down. So if you’re not ready for an exclusive relationship, stay away.



The Future Housewife

This girl is not a gold digger. She just wants to be comfortable. That means a roof over her head, the bills paid, and food on the table. She’d rather not work but she will if she has to. If you’re a traditional man, this is the girl you want. She’s willing to be at home taking care of the chores and the kids while the man takes care of everything else.



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