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4 Best Carbs to Keep You From Overeating
Best Carbs to Keep You From Overeating


Sometimes you just need those carbs. Low carb high protein diets definitely work. But every now and then, especially when first starting, your morale may be low, your energy may be low, your stomach may feel empty. All normal symptoms.


This can also have negative effects on your brain function; due to the body adjusting. So carbs will be a necessity. However keep it to healthy carbs and keep the portions small.



The 5 Best Carbs to Keep You From Overeating.




Almonds – These are the best nuts to eat. Especially during a bulking phase. Almonds have a 1-1 ratio of proteins to carbs. 1 cup of almonds will net you 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of complex carbs. Keep it to a handful.


Oat Bran
Oat Bran


Oatmeal or Oat Bran – Oats have 14 grams of fiber per 1 cup serving. This will help keep you full longer. A great breakfast option.




Quinoa – Quinoa contains the same type of protein that helps build muscle. It’s a healthier option than brown rice. Quinoa will take the flavor of whatever you cook it in. I like to make it with chicken broth. A great option for breakfast or lunch.


Black Beans
Black Beans


Black Beans – Black beans have a 3-1 carbs to protein ratio. Beans have a ton of healthy nutrients. The can be eaten as a side, or you can put it in your salad.



Eat your carbs at your own risk. The best time to eat them is in the morning, since you will have the rest of the day to burn them. They will be a good source of energy, and you need energy earlier in the day than you do at night.



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5 Types of Women You Should Meet
5 Types of Women You Should Meet


How many women have you gone out with? Were they all the same? It’s good to meet different kinds of people. But if you are always in the same neighborhoods or in the same hangouts, chances are most of the women you’ve dated have been of the same type of women.


That gets boring. It doesn’t allow you to evolve and you don’t know what you miss out on.



5 types of women you should meet before you settle down



The Sophisticated and Educated Hot Chick

This girl is smart, funny and hot. A perfect combination. She will joke with you and keep up with your sarcasm. She knows how to keep up a conversation. When you go somewhere with her, people will stare. Your friends will be jealous. This is the girl everyone wants. Having her makes you feel awesome. But fair warning: you need to be supremely confident to date this girl.



The Down to Earth Hot Chick

This girl is just a slight step down from the sophisticated, educated hot chick. She knows the good classy bars, as well as the good museums and shows with free wine. She likes smart guys. If you have nothing in common, or her interests don’t interest you, chances are this will not work out. Leaving her as just one of these.



The Vegetarian or Yoga Girl

I left out ‘Hot’ because these girls usually are. This girl takes really good care of herself. She will probably have great skin and a great physique. She’s also most likely into meditation and other spiritual journeys. Like the down to earth hot chick, you will most have to have the same interests in order to make a connection.



The ‘Needy’ Girl

This may or may not be a bad thing, depending on what you are looking for. She can be a little ‘in your face‘. Meaning she is always looking for the meaning of a relationship. Or trying to find signs and things like that. One great benefit is that she will be an awesome kisser. This girl is trying to settle down. So if you’re not ready for an exclusive relationship, stay away.



The Future Housewife

This girl is not a gold digger. She just wants to be comfortable. That means a roof over her head, the bills paid, and food on the table. She’d rather not work but she will if she has to. If you’re a traditional man, this is the girl you want. She’s willing to be at home taking care of the chores and the kids while the man takes care of everything else.



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5 Reasons to quit your job and work for yourself


There’s plenty of reasons to quit your job and work for yourself.


Lifestyle, atmosphere, plateauing, you name it.


Besides money, here are 5 reasons to quit your job and work for yourself.


Quit your job


Reason 1: You are doing the wrong thing. If you are great at sales but not working in sales, you are wasting your time and energy. You have to work doing something you like and enjoy. Doing anything else is a waste. Find something that you love to do, and figure out a way to make money doing it.


Reason 2: Co-workers suck. Besides working in the same place, chances are that you do not have much in common with most of your co-workers. Unless you have one of these. If you are going to spend 8 hours a day among people, spend it with people who will make you better. If you have a business goal, find people with similar goals. Form a mastermind group. Find successful people you want to emulate and befriend them. Learn from them. Co-workers, in a job you most likely don’t see yourself in for the rest of your life, will not make you a better person.


Reason 3: Same Old Same Old. Chances are if you’ve been working in the same place for a while, you are always complaining about the same old stuff. When your work becomes routine day in and day out, you are no longer making progress. And if the same things keep bothering you at your job day in and day out, you probably need to move on.


Reason 4: No promotions. I’ve had a few jobs before I started working for myself. The longest lasted 3 year. I got promoted once in those 3 years. The other jobs I wanted to get promoted but couldn’t. At my insurance job I guess they thought I was a better salesman than I would be manager. There’s something wrong when new hires would become office managers withing 3 months and top salesman can’t get promoted. I find myself getting bored after having a job for a year. I can’t be the only one. There’s a point when things get old, and if you are not constantly moving up the ladder, quit wasting your time.


Scarface - F You Im Out
Scarface – F You Im Out


Reason 5: You are making someone else money. If you have a regular 9 to 5, this is a problem. Whether you love or hate your job. More so if you hate it. But if you love what you do, why not figure out a way to do it for yourself and make yourself that money instead of making it for the big boss and letting them decide how much you make. Take fate into your own hands and become the big boss.



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What a bra says about a woman


Different women wear different bras for different reasons. Just like drinks, there are many types, and if you try to read them, and find out what a bra says about a woman, if can get confusing. It’s not always just about the style or the comfort level. Sometimes there is a deeper meaning behind the type of bra she chooses to wear.


What does her bra tell you?


Color: Stick to girls who wear darker color bras. If she wears bright, in your face color bras (yellow, red, etc.. ) anywhere but the bedroom, she is most likely craving attention. That spells drama queen.



Quality: Is the fabric smooth? Does it have loose threads? Does it look expensive? When you see it do you think Wal-mart, or Victoria Secret? If it looks like good quality, you found a girl who wants the best for herself and likes to provide for herself. Meaning there will be times when she wants to take YOU out and pay.



Padding: Don’t go for the girl with the push up bra. Bra’s serve their purpose, but if she thinks she needs all that padding, she is uncomfortable and self conscious about herself. You want a girl with confidence in herself.



Take my advice if you will. These are not universal truths, just personal opinions from questions answered by woman kind enough to answer.



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The Best Tea to Drink



It’s no secret that tea is one of the best drinks on the planet. Lots of health benefits and hardly any calories. But tea is often associated with women. So when a man drinks tea, he is refereed to as feminine or a punk.


Who cares what people think. Drink Tea!


The Best Tea To Drink


Chamomile – It tastes good and studies show that it helps you fall asleep.


Green Tea – This is the most popular tea among health nuts. And for good reason. Studies show that it’s packed with antioxidants. This can improve brain function and make you smarter and reduce risks of various cancers. But the main reason people love it, It helps burn fat, promotes weight loss, and help your physical performance. There are many people that swear by it. And I’m one of them.


It’s always best to make your tea at home. Obviously tea bags and hot water. However, you’re pinched for time, the best alternative I can recommend it Arizona Green Tea Zero available at most grocery stores.


Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea
Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea



Watch the sweeteners and sugar. Try to limit these. If possible, don’t use any at all. You don’t want to ruin the health benefits. Tea tastes good by itself.



Remember: Tea is only tea if it just tea.



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How To Text a Woman



Did you just meet a woman and get her number? Want to take her out? Do you know how to text a woman? Well let me tell you the first rule of texting women.


DO NOT text her before the first date!



Any communication you need, or want, to have with her should be done with a phone call. The only reason to text before a first date is to confirm the time and date. Then if the date goes great, you can expand your forms of communication to texting.


However, things can quickly go south if you don’t know how to properly text a women post date.


Here are 5 more rules of texting women to make a second date happen


Rule Number 1: Timing is Everything – Remember the movie Swingers? The rule after getting a woman’s number was to wait 3 days before initial contact in order to not seem like a creeper. Well times have changed, but same rules apply.


After the first date, there is still a “creeper window” that you want to avoid. Do not text her right away, within minutes, or even hours, especially in the middle of the night. You will seem either desperate or like you are just interested in a booty call.


Instead, wait until the next afternoon and keep it casual. Just let her know you had a great time and you look forward to seeing her again.



Rule Number 2: Choose Your Words – Hopefully, after the date, you will know her a little better. So you should have no problem asking her about things you have in common or something better than the standard “Hi, how are you?”. Make sure you have some small talk or banter as if she was right next to you.



Rule Number 3: Remember English Class – Use full sentences. Especially if you’re over the age of 25. Don’t abbreviate. If you’re to lazy to type ‘your’ instead of ‘ur’, educated girls don’t respond well. The same goes for emojis. Leave that to the immature teenagers.



Rule Number 4: Time Your Response –  There’s nothing wrong with responding to a text right away; but all the time makes it seem like you’re waiting for her text with your phone in your hand at all times.


However, waiting too long has it’s negative effects too. Try to respond within an hour or 2. It shouldn’t take longer than that, unless your phone dies or there is an emergency. Any longer than that and women mentally move on.


Rule Number 5: DO NOT Ask for Selfies – Sure if you are attracted to her (which you should be), you are no doubt thinking of her hotness and fantasizing about her. But if you ask for a selfie or pictures you will seem like a perv. The only time to cross that boundary is if when she brings it up. Once she asks you for that first pic and your relationship gets further, things will start getting raunchier.



There you have it. Following these rules on how to text a woman will get you further to getting to know her without seeming like a creep.



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Electronics I cant Live Without


Let’s face it! Electronics rule our lives! Everywhere you go, people are on their phones or tablets. Even at home. They have become part of our everyday lives and now we can’t imagine life without them.


5 Electronics I Can’t Live Without




Phone – Specifically, my Iphone. It’s simple to operate and lets me stay connected with my email, contacts, and social media at the press of a button. Apple has it figured out. Iphones rarely, if ever, act up or break down. Just make sure you have a case. This also eliminated the need for an ipod, as all the music is on my phone, and a digital camera, although it’s good to have one for better quality pictures. But for the quick snap, the iphone does an ok job.



LG Tone Infinim
LG Tone Infinim


Bluetooth Headset – I’m a big fan of the LG tone series headsets. I’ve owned all of them since the original. They are not exactly noise cancelling but they have a great sound quality. Right now my 2 go-to’s are the LG Tone Active for the gym, and the LG Tone Infinim for everything else. I have them around my neck all the time that sometimes I forget its there. Another benefit is that they can be concealed well under the collar of your shirt, so it works with any style. It is great for phone calls and music.


Get the LG Tone Active Here and the LG Tone Infinim Here



Ipad and Macbook
Ipad and Macbook


Laptop and Tablet – I have a Macbook and an Ipad I use these interchangeably. Mainly for work. I do all my marketing for my cleaning business online. I also manage my niche sites online. At home and at the office I use the macbook. On the road or on the field I use the ipad. It eliminates the need for paperwork and they sync to each other. I also have another tablet, a Barnes and Noble Nook that I use for reading and entertainment.


Last but not least…


Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker
Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker


Coffee Maker – I drink a lot of coffee. So I need a good coffee maker. I currently use the Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker. I make my coffee in the morning and it keeps it warm throughout the day. 1 full pot gives me 10 servings. When I travel, I don’t take it. So I use the next best thing, even though it’s not electronic, a Melitta pour over coffee cone. I love making my coffee using the drip method.


Get the Capresso Carafe Coffee Maker Here. Get The Melitta Coffee Cone Here.



What are you go to electronics that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below.



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The Number 1 Snack to Keep at All Times While Dieting



It’s very easy to break a diet or to overeat. You’re always hungry. You want to snack. It’s very easy to be undisciplined.


But if you are disciplined, this should not be a problem. The key is to eliminate temptations. If you have to snack, keep it healthy. If you’re going to overeat, make it something healthy. How can you do this?


No Carbs!


It should be something that eliminates hunger and spikes your energy levels. That means no carbs, and plenty of protein. So typical snacks are out. What should you eat?

The Number 1 Snack to Keep at All Times While Dieting


The Number 1 Snack Hard Boiled Eggs
The Number 1 Snack Hard Boiled Eggs


That’s right! Hard boiled eggs. The staple of the perfect protein. It’s pretty hard to overeat. Especially if you eat the yolks too. A large hard boiled egg will give you about 78 calories and 6 grams of protein. The yolk has a B-Vitamin that breaks down fat for energy. Add a pea sized pinch of hot sauce or a dash of your favorite spice to keep it from becoming boring.



How to do it – Hard boil 12-20 eggs every few days and separate them in small portion sized tupperware. I like 3-4 at a time. Always have them handy. At home, the office fridge, the cooler while on the road, you name it. Feel hungry between meals, grab a few.



1 alternative is a low or non-carb protein drink. But i’d stick with eggs.


There are other alternatives for healthy snacks, but none better then hard boiled eggs.



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Happy New Years
Happy New Years



New years is upon us. 2016 is ending and 2017 is beginning. What do you want to accomplish this year. Play hooky from work more often? Be a better father? A better son? Drink less? Drink more? Let me share some things I’m doing that you may want to think about doing.



Geo’s New Years Resolutions for 2017


Go hands free while driving: There’s always something to be done or read online. A big bad habit is checking the phone while driving. Put the thing away in the glove compartment or center console while driving. Wear a bluetooth for when receiving calls.



Stop reminiscing: Everything good that has happened to you has happened at the right time. But you are living in the NOW. So stop looking back or thinking about the ‘good old days’ or ‘the best time of your life’. Guess what? You are here. Stop looking back and move forward. Live in the moment and make some memories.



Grow Up: By that I mean stop abbreviating and using emojis when texting or emailing. Leave that to the kids.



Drink like a Gentleman: Cut down on the beer. In fact, ditch the beer. Save the calories. Save the money. Grab a bottle of a many drink. (whiskey, scotch, etc.) If you must drink, pour yourself a glass on rocks and gradually sip on it. Preferably while doing something productive.



Say Sir: You are a man. Not a college kid or a high school kid. Stop calling your friends ‘dude’ or ‘bro’.



Be more positive: find something to compliment every time you meet someone or when you see a friend or family member. It feels a lot better than complaining or criticizing something and they will remember it.



Leave earlier to get there on time: It’s southern California, theres always traffic. Plan and make arrangements to arrive on time everywhere you go. That means 15 minutes early. Got an appointment at 8? Make sure you are there by 7:45



If you’re not working or being productive, go to sleep earlier: Nothing good happens after 11pm. Go to sleep and start the day strong tomorrow. The earlier the better. This should make waking up at 5am everyday a lot easier.



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3 Fights To Avoid With Your Girl



If you’re in a relationship, or ever have been, you know that women always try to test you. It seems like they always want proof that they can still trust you. Or they just like to fight. Arguments can escalate very quickly. Sometimes saying too much, or not saying anything at all can set them off.



Here are 3 common fights to avoid with your girl and the right words to use.


She finds out your female friend wasn’t always just a friend


DON’T SAY: “I didn’t tell you because you would get mad.” – This just sounds like an excuse and makes it seem like you don’t trust her.

SAY: “I wasn’t hiding it. We’ve just been friends for so long I didn’t even think to bring up the past.” – Then ask her how she would feel comfortable with their friendship. All in all, let her know that your relationship is more important than the friendship.



She finds texts from an ex.


DONT SAY: “She’s crazy! Just forget it.” – You shouldn’t be keeping these texts or emails in the first place. Keeping messages makes it seems like you miss her and leaves the door open for further communication.

SAY: “I don’t want to get messages from her and I know you don’t want me to either. How can we fix this?” – If you are really doing nothing wrong, which you shouldn’t be, let her read them. Chances are if you are not responding they will eventually stop.



She catches you checking out her hot family members.


DONT SAY: “No I wasn’t.” – This just sounds defensive. She’ll think you don’t understand why she is mad.

SAY: “Sorry. But I’d rather be with you!” – Man up and admit your mistake. Just try to keep your eyes in your head. Of course she knows there’s other girls around, and it will make her feel insecure if you are checking them out.



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