3 Healthy Alternatives to Ketchup and Mustard

3 Healthy alternatives to ketchup and mustard


Condiments can make or break the food you eat. They can make an unbearable meal perfect. Or they can ruin a perfect meal. If you are a foody, chances are you like ketchup and mustard.


I’m a hot sauce type of guy.


Here are 3 healthy alternatives to ketchup and mustard for people who like Hot Sauce.



As will all condiments, be sure to keep your serving sizes to a minimum. Just enough to add flavor to your food. But do not drown your food in it.


Sriracha Sauce
Sriracha Sauce


Sriracha: Sriracha goes great with almost everything. Not only is it delicious but it also has a few health benefits. Capsaicin, a key ingredient, has been known to help with headaches, inflammation, and cancer growth, help improve metabolism, and weight loss.



Frank's Red Hot
Frank’s Red Hot


Franks Red Hot: Franks Red Hot is another delicious hot sauce that you can add if your healthy food, such as brown rice, begins to get little bland. You must be careful with this one though as the sodium content is a little on the high side, so I recommend it mostly during bulking or on a carb day. Studies show that eating hot sauce or peppers will boost your endorphins. So if your ‘diet’ is ruining your mood, add some red hot and you will feel happier because this will enhance your serotonin levels, which help improve mood and memory.



Tabasco Sauce
Tabasco Sauce


Tabasco Sauce: Tabasco sauce will go good with many things, mainly pizza. The great thing about this sauce is that it doesn’t contain any calories and has zero grams of fat, so it is great for healthy eating. It has a unique and intense flavor, making it one of my primary go-to sauces.



While these 3 sauces are great, keep in mind your serving sizes. Though they will add flavor, don’t add so much that the sodium content will get too high, causing your body to retain more water.






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