3 Things To Do The First Time So She Will Call You Back

3 Things So She Will Call You Back



After you’ve been dating, don’t make yourself look like a rookie when you finally get your woman in bed for the first time. Whether the relationship stops or continues, she’ll always remember the first time with you. Just like a first kiss, her first time in bed with you will let her know about the potential of the relationship.


Make her first time with you memorable.



Here are 3 Things To Do The First Time So She Will Call You Back



Number 1. Take Your Time


If a girl gives it up to you after the first date, she’s not relationship material. And the whole ‘3 date’ rule is outdated. Most good women usually wait 8 or more dates before they hook up with a guy. And if you’re trying to figure out when it’s going to happen, don’t worry, she’ll let you know when she’s ready.


How? She will make sure you two are alone. If she wants to go back to your place, or if she invites you over and says that no ones going to be home, HELLO!



Number 2. Don’t Just Kiss Her


Make out. Don’t just kiss her to try to move your way down as fast as you can. This tells her that all you want to do is get laid. Take your time. Kiss her right. 6 out of 10 women I interviewed, stated that they ended the relationship after the first kiss because the man was a sloppy kisser.



Number 3. Don’t immediately go for the home run


Take your time at first, second, and third base. Take 15-20 minutes of foreplay. That’s kissing and touching before working your way south. It takes time for a woman to become aroused. Take your time before going to home base.


More importantly, take your time at home base. You don’t want to be the guy who finishes after 3-5 thrusts. You need to last more than 30 seconds.


180 seconds, that’s 3 minutes. Yeah, that was the goal… in High School!


But you’re a man! You have to know how to pleasure a woman. Most women only want between 10-20 minutes. That’s all they need to get off.


Keep it simple the first time. Forget those positions in your karma sutra book or in any of the porn you’ve been watching, or any fantasies you might have.


Make sure she gets off first before you finish. Take your time.


Do you notice a pattern here? Just like in business or anything else that you do, bedding a woman and making sure she invites you back is all about putting in the time.


Don’t rush it.



Take your time.



See you next time