How To Text A Woman

How To Text a Woman



Did you just meet a woman and get her number? Want to take her out? Do you know how to text a woman? Well let me tell you the first rule of texting women.


DO NOT text her before the first date!



Any communication you need, or want, to have with her should be done with a phone call. The only reason to text before a first date is to confirm the time and date. Then if the date goes great, you can expand your forms of communication to texting.


However, things can quickly go south if you don’t know how to properly text a women post date.


Here are 5 more rules of texting women to make a second date happen


Rule Number 1: Timing is Everything – Remember the movie Swingers? The rule after getting a woman’s number was to wait 3 days before initial contact in order to not seem like a creeper. Well times have changed, but same rules apply.


After the first date, there is still a “creeper window” that you want to avoid. Do not text her right away, within minutes, or even hours, especially in the middle of the night. You will seem either desperate or like you are just interested in a booty call.


Instead, wait until the next afternoon and keep it casual. Just let her know you had a great time and you look forward to seeing her again.



Rule Number 2: Choose Your Words – Hopefully, after the date, you will know her a little better. So you should have no problem asking her about things you have in common or something better than the standard “Hi, how are you?”. Make sure you have some small talk or banter as if she was right next to you.



Rule Number 3: Remember English Class – Use full sentences. Especially if you’re over the age of 25. Don’t abbreviate. If you’re to lazy to type ‘your’ instead of ‘ur’, educated girls don’t respond well. The same goes for emojis. Leave that to the immature teenagers.



Rule Number 4: Time Your Response –  There’s nothing wrong with responding to a text right away; but all the time makes it seem like you’re waiting for her text with your phone in your hand at all times.


However, waiting too long has it’s negative effects too. Try to respond within an hour or 2. It shouldn’t take longer than that, unless your phone dies or there is an emergency. Any longer than that and women mentally move on.


Rule Number 5: DO NOT Ask for Selfies – Sure if you are attracted to her (which you should be), you are no doubt thinking of her hotness and fantasizing about her. But if you ask for a selfie or pictures you will seem like a perv. The only time to cross that boundary is if when she brings it up. Once she asks you for that first pic and your relationship gets further, things will start getting raunchier.



There you have it. Following these rules on how to text a woman will get you further to getting to know her without seeming like a creep.



Until Next Time