What a Bra Says About a Woman

What a bra says about a woman


Different women wear different bras for different reasons. Just like drinks, there are many types, and if you try to read them, and find out what a bra says about a woman, if can get confusing. It’s not always just about the style or the comfort level. Sometimes there is a deeper meaning behind the type of bra she chooses to wear.


What does her bra tell you?


Color: Stick to girls who wear darker color bras. If she wears bright, in your face color bras (yellow, red, etc.. ) anywhere but the bedroom, she is most likely craving attention. That spells drama queen.



Quality: Is the fabric smooth? Does it have loose threads? Does it look expensive? When you see it do you think Wal-mart, or Victoria Secret? If it looks like good quality, you found a girl who wants the best for herself and likes to provide for herself. Meaning there will be times when she wants to take YOU out and pay.



Padding: Don’t go for the girl with the push up bra. Bra’s serve their purpose, but if she thinks she needs all that padding, she is uncomfortable and self conscious about herself. You want a girl with confidence in herself.



Take my advice if you will. These are not universal truths, just personal opinions from questions answered by woman kind enough to answer.



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