How To Keep Friends

How To Keep Friends
Dom and Brian


No doubt by now you have had friends come and go in your life. I’m sure there are friends that are long gone that you wish you would’ve kept around. Think of the reasons why they are not around anymore. Could be anything.


Over a disagreement

Over Money

Over a girl

Over new friends

No time to hang out

Your life gets better and they don’t like it.



You name it, there are many reasons. However there’s one true way to keep a true friend.


How To Keep Friends


Be Loyal.


That’s all it really takes. Ive had friends that have come and gone throughout the years. But I have friends that have been in my life for a while and I would still consider them true friends even though sometimes we go a long time without hanging out. But they are always there. They answer or return phone calls or messages. They’re there when you need someone to talk to. They’re there to listen. They give you advice. they hang out with you when possible. They check up on your life from time to time. They put you over new friends, or new girls, they look to you for advice or help. They want to see you succeed. They are there for you. Plain and Simple.


On the contrary, there are people in my life that have been around for a while that I would not consider true friends, just people I know. Why? Because they’re not loyal. They don’t stay in touch. They meet new people and stop talking to you. They move away and don’t keep in touch. They get a significant other and move you out of the way. Or (and this is the best one) You start winning and they start hating.


Which brings me to the worst type of friend. The old friends (not true friends) who come back when you’re winning. You need to watch out for those. They will only be around for their benefit. Where were they during your journey to success? Where were they when you were broke? 50 Cent once said that when he made it, his old friends would come out of the woodwork and say things like “Hey should buy me a car” or buy me this, buy me that. They think that because they know you, or you were friends once, that you should share your success.


FUCK NO!! Stick with your loyal friends. They are all you need. Especially if they stick with you through the rough times. If they are with you during your journey, keep them in your success.